13 Spooky looking delicacies for your Halloween party

Just a week remains for the freaky and chilling night of the year. People are preparing in every way to make Halloween the spookily successful day for others. So how much have you done with your prep? If you have planned to host a party, there will be sweets and delicacies on offer.

Some of the scary looking sweetmeats are listed below to help you complete the perfect Halloween décor at your party. These are the ones your guests must surely try if they don’t get scared enough by the appearance.

  • Bone Breadsticks: Get some pizza dough from the store, stretch and cut it into bone shapes. Brush with egg whites and sprinkle some parmesan on it. Bake until it turns a bit golden. You can now serve the bones with any sauce or warm marinara.

  • Swamp Pasta: Make black pasta and serve it in a bowl in a very messy manner with some of it hanging out. Add some black bean noodles or ink spaghetti. Finish the scary look by putting two pimento-like olives looking like eyes.

  • Bell Pepper Jack o’ Lanterns: Cut the top side of the orange bell pepper and remove all the internal part of it. Make the pumpkin devil face on one side, and then you can fill the fruit with celery sticks, carrots or shredded salts.

  • Spidery Eggs: Scary but simple to make recipe. Boil an egg and cut it into half. Precisely direct a half-cut olive in the central yellow part. Arrange and hook four half olive slices on either side to complete the spider look.

  • Graveyard Taco Dip: Select some rectangular or oval-shaped tacos, put them in a container filled with your favorite dip sauce, such that they should be half inside and face one side. Don’t forget to draw a cross or words like RIP on the tacos.

  • Spooky Fingers: You should have some pretzel rods of different sizes for this. Half cover them with melted white chocolate and stick a pumpkin seed on the white edge of them. Your spooky fingers are ready to be served to your guests.

  • Dracula Teeth: Yes, you can make edible Dracula dentures with marshmallows lined up between two chocolate chip cookies. Stuff some bright red frosting on either side of the marshmallows to complete the look.

  • Ouija Cake: Bake a rectangular shaped cake such that you will get to print an Ouija board on the top complete with its advertisement and message.

  • Cheesy Spiders: Take some shredded cheese and cream cheese in a ball shape. Make eyes with two black beans and attach spider legs using chow mein noodles.

  • Animal Doughnuts: This tasty circular food item is an amazing base to make some scary looking cats, spiders, bats, or mice. Kids will love to use their creativity in making these animal style doughnuts.

  • Monsters and Skulls: The recipe for this party snack is an easy one using the rice Krispie treats. Even kids can make and enjoy decorating them that easy are the instructions.

  • Mummified Cakes: Bake a cake covered by the white strips of a mummy. Add two eyes using colored candies. Alternatively, you can make other food items also in the form of a mummy.

  • Skeleton Delicacies: You can make many different sizes and styles of skeletons using various food items like vegetables, cookies, chocolates, marshmallows, etc.

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