15 Tips that will ensure Budget Travel for you

People have a habit of giving excuses for anything that they couldn’t do. When it comes to travel, though a lot of people do it, a considerable number of people only wish for it and keep moaning with many reasons and excuses; and money is a big part of it.

Such people are just not motivated or creative enough to fulfill their wishes and see the world with their bare eyes. Truth is, Travel can be achieved in minimum costs if some things happen in a certain way, some tricks, and some smart work. The following tips include all that:

Travel in the Off-season

Almost every tourist attraction has an off-season when the rush is low, weather is not so favorable, etc. This is the time to travel cheap because right from the airfare to hotel, restaurants and tourist attraction fees are reduced in a bid to attract customers. Besides money, you save time too, as there are fewer crowds and small queues.

Do as the locals do

Shopping centers, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. will charge more for the tourists, esp. which are near to the tourist places. Skip the usual path and visit eating places where the locals go. Not only that will save you money, but you will also get fresh local produce; try also the roadside stalls.

Ask the locals for recommendations for eating out as well as for budget shopping markets. Befriend them, blend in them, be like a local.

Find a bargain or free couch

Couch surfing is an off-beat yet a common way to find a place to lay low, sleep for a meager amount or even free! Couchsurfing.org or other such networks make it happen, find yourself some accommodation through it and save some bucks instead of booking a hotel, most of which will be comparatively expensive.

Besides that, staying right in the city or tourist place will be a bit expensive, look for couches on the outskirts as it will also be less noisy, less polluting. You can also sleep in a tent if you have it or get it!

Travel. Work. Get paid!

One awesome way to spend minimum money for your travels is to rather, earn it! You can work during your vacations if you have a laptop and a good internet connection. You can also do seasonal local jobs at your fav tourist place. One popular job is to teach English to the locals if you crack the online TOEFL exam.

There are countless opportunities to work, chill and fund your trip. Lookout for HelpX, Work Away, WWOOF, etc. You can get any and every type of job, as long as you are willing to do it.

Hatch a masterplan for your trip

You can never achieve a budget trip without any planning. It is needed at every step of the way, regarding the travel destination, the way and time you will travel, what you will take there and do, the amount of time you will be at each place, etc. This will avoid any last-minute changes and cost escalations. You should know everything beforehand about the places and all your itinerary.

But bring flexibility in your plans

Yes, it is not compulsory to follow the path you have carved out for your trip. You never know, there could be some last-minute discount deals at some other restaurant or airline, or there could be cancellations, or other bad things can happen and you might get stuck.

Research and fly in the lowest airfare

This is a big and smart task in itself which you should master. Take care of quite a few aspects of this. First thing is to book tickets in advance, the earlier the better. Look for the midweek days, as the weekends are slightly costlier. Always prefer budget airlines and smaller airports; select middle seats instead of the window, and fly economy class. All of these things will save a lot of money for you, which you can use during the trip.

Use public transport or walk

It is recommended to use other modes of transport if you can, if your destination is on the same continent. Slower is the transport, cheaper it becomes. Even when you arrive at your destination, instead of any private vehicle, use the buses (open top is best!), trains, or just walk around and feel the place completely.

Cook at home and take it with you

Why eat out every time when you can bring along your own food? You never know the airlines or restaurant food might not suit you. Your priority is the travel experience of the place, not eating out. You can pack a sandwich, burger, chips, and even chocolate packets to eat in the spare time because food prices are higher even at the airport eateries.

Pack light and smart

Take only what you require for your trip, that way you will save on the baggage fees and also the hassles of carrying and handling big baggage wherever you go. Wear 2-3 layers of dressing during the journey and don’t take any trivial items which you otherwise can buy at your destination too.

Use your social contacts

Check out whether any of your relatives or friends or people known to them stay at or near your trip destination. It is easy to find out via social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You will benefit in many ways from any known person. E.g. you can get free accommodation, free dinner, all the know-how of the place, introductions of more local people, etc.

Of Cell phone roaming and Wi-Fi

If your native service provider is expensive at your trip place and if you really need it, then it is better to buy a local SIM card for calling, messaging and the Internet. Talking of the Internet, always watch out for free Wi-Fi and use it wherever you get it; best places would be cafes, libraries, and shopping malls.

Look for cheap destinations and go all-inclusive

Sometimes, selecting an inherently budget place as your travel stop is better than going to an expensive place and then looking for savings. Places like Latin America, India, and the south-east Asian countries are worth a visit. Even some other tourist places become super affordable in the off-season.

Opt for an all-inclusive travel package if you are getting any. Especially the Resorts in this scheme are always low-priced than if you individually pay for its components.

Use discount cards

If you have any discount cards, you can always use them for your travel, eating out, shopping or many other tasks during your trip. Whether you have a student, teacher, youth or any brand-specific card, just use it and save money in the process.

Benefit from a strong US Dollar

The value of the US dollar keeps on changing regularly, but it is usually strong in many countries. Take good advantage of that if you are going to such a country.

If you could be more creative like this, you can even discover more such tips and hacks to travel in minimum expenses, even for free. You just have to have the will power to see new places, discover the natural beauty of mother Earth, visit awesome destinations; after all, it is rightly said, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way.” Thus, ditch the excuses and get determined, nothing will come in between you and your desire to explore the world.

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