• A crucial health activity – Sleep

    Do you know that humans spend about one-third of their life sleeping! That means if your lifespan is 90 years, you will probably spend about 30 years of your life just sleeping. You might think, oh what a waste of time! But you should realize, sleep is that much important for our physical as well as mental health. There is…

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  • Making Memes is also an Art in itself

    Although Memes have been around since 4-5 decades, Social Media boom in the last few years have made them famous and viral all over the world; esp. among young adults and teens. Everyone having a social media account is jumping on the meme bandwagon, sharing them and having a few laughs along the way. Many have even started to make…

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  • Mount Everest Death Toll Continuing to Rise

    Natural wonders are a sight to behold, so much so, that overcrowding is becoming a serious problem at these types of tourist destinations. To say you have climbed Mount Everest has always been the ultimate adventurer bragging right. The death toll at Mount Everest is up to 11 (as of 29May2019) and that number is expected to increase this climbing…

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  • Dissecting the Rivalry of Homemade and Processed Foods

    Do you ever think what’s in your food when you eat? I’m sure most people don’t. Their only concern is it should be tasty and satiate their hunger, whether it is homemade or processed food. As life is getting busier and hectic, so is the consumption of processed foods on the rise, especially in America. Is that good? Let’s find…

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