5 Facts about Vaping you should know

Ask yourself this question: People who use an E-cigarette, do they use it to gradually quit smoking or because it has less nicotine and want to look cool, modern, and just to show the world that they are trying to quit smoking? About seven out of ten smokers say that they want to quit smoking, but no one knows how many actually succeed in it.

Vaping has made big headlines in the last few months and has brought forth the dangers and side-effects of it. Some people have even died because of vaping! This shows that people still don’t have full knowledge about it, and need to know at least some truths of vaping.

E-cigarettes are not smoking cessation tools

Companies, who make and sell the e-cigarettes, cleverly market their product as a smoking cessation device. But the truth is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved these smoking devices as such! Some people have found to use both, the e-cigarettes and traditional ones simultaneously, after trying the electronic ones for some time.

Vaping is not exactly good for your health

That’s because these battery-powered devices also have Nicotine in them. This highly toxic and addictive substance has many well known bad effects on your health. It inherently depends on the frequency of usage. If you used to smoke two traditional cigarettes per day and are now smoking four times a day with vapes, it is obvious that you are taking more Nicotine in your body.

More people than before are getting hooked to it

The Youth and teens of today are using e-cigarettes more than the traditional ones. Various sources have reported that the usage of e-cigarettes has increased manifold. Even among the high school students, it has increased by a staggering 900 percent! It is no wonder that you are getting to read so much negative about it in recent times.

Vaping is comparatively less harmful though

Regular tobacco cigarettes have around 7,000 chemicals in them! Most of which are toxic for our health. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes have much fewer chemicals in them. They have comparatively less Nicotine for the same sized cigarette, flavorings and some other chemicals which together give a water vapor that you inhale. So if you are smoking the same quantity of electronic ones as you did for the regular ones, you are definitely taking in fewer chemicals than before.

You can get equally addicted to e-cigarettes as traditional ones

And this is a dangerous fact you should know. The simple reason is that they too contain Nicotine in them, which is the main culprit for the addiction part. In the end, it all depends on the will power of the user. If you end up increasing the voltage of the smoking device or take extra strength cartridges, you will end up increasing the addiction instead of decreasing it.

If you think that you want to quit smoking and start using the e-cigarettes, then that is not enough, you still have to give more efforts for quitting. The most important of them all is “Control” and “Will Power.” Vaping is good only if it is done in a controlled way and if you are succeeding in reducing the frequency gradually. Do use quality brands though and check everything before starting.

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