5 methods to detect hidden cameras in your Airbnb

How much concerned are you about your privacy? Day by day it is getting reduced, all thanks to social media and tech gadgets all around us. One such annoying thing is the hidden cameras which have proliferated at almost every public place.

So far, hundreds of Airbnb travelers have reported secret cameras in their rented places. This despite Airbnb having strict rules against them. So, it is left up to you to confirm whether the room you have rented is clean or not. That you can do by any of the following ways:

  1. Turn off the light in the room: This way you will be able to detect the night vision cameras. They have red or green LEDs which turn on in low light conditions. Cameras also have lens like a glass which can get reflected when some light is shone on it. Thus, you can scan the place for any LEDs and again with some low light for reflections.

  2. Look for out of place things: Observe the place carefully. You should know what things should normally be where. If there are more than one of any objects besides each other or at other places, that could be a sign. The objects should also not be inclined by any odd angle, looking in odd directions.

  3. Listen for buzzing sounds: You look for hidden cameras, but you can also hear them. Scan your ears throughout the place and if there is anything like a buzzing or clicking sound, inspect that area. Quieter the area, lesser the ambient sounds around, more chances you will get to detect any hidden cameras.

  4. Scanning Wi-Fi networks: This is a clever way of finding hidden cameras as they are usually connected on the network. You just have to use any network scanning app and it may also show you the IP address and manufacturer! Of course, not all the cameras can be spotted by this way, you still go for the other methods.

  5. Use your mobile phones: Speaking of network scanning apps, if they are not working, you need not worry, there are a host of other apps that help find hidden cams, microphones or other such devices. Check on the play store of iOS and Android for the best ones and try them.

Another way of using your mobile is to make a phone call. That’s because if there is any hidden surveillance, the special radio frequency that it gives, will interfere with your phone call activity. For effective results, walk around the whole place talking on the phone.

It may so happen that you may still be left with suspicion after using all the above ways of finding hidden recorders. In that case, the best way to go forward is to just cover the objects which you find fishy with a thick cloth and unplug objects that are not needed for your stay. Beyond that, you can just hope that you are not recorded.

Privacy risks have increased in Airbnb although they are working hard to eliminate such issues. People are still using Airbnb for the host of benefits they offer. But whether you use Airbnb or any other service or any other public place altogether, do check for hidden objects before starting and protect your “Privacy.”

Image Courtesy: vaaju.com

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