5 Reasons why our First love is Unforgettable

Almost all of us get attracted to more than one person during our lifetime, but one peculiar similarity is present in most of us. Have you been able to forget your first love? We bet you haven’t. Don’t worry, and don’t try too hard to forget that first special person in your life. “Firsts” are some of the most memorable parts of us, not just in love, but in every aspect of our lives.

Depending on the ultimate fate of your first love, it can evoke either positive or negative feelings. But try as hard as you can, first love will most likely remain with you forever, and have you thought why? The following could be the reasons for that.

It only happens once

We always tend to remember our “First” event in life. Psychologists call it the “primacy effect.” Our first experience is something new for us and hence we completely get engrossed in it and form strong memories. Whether you have ten or only two partners in life, first love will always be the first, and the most memorable. It is the beginning of your love life.

It changed you

When you fall in love for the first time and become a couple, you learn everything about it; like being with someone, “we” instead of “me,” handling a person, the relationship, etc. it marks a period of personal development and growth. It is a new experience for you and has an overall positive effect on you. It helps shape who you are and who you will become. It is a big learning experience for you, it is what makes most of us adults from teens.

It represents Innocence and Your Youth

It reminds you of times when you felt endless possibilities in life when you experienced heaven on earth. It brings back memories of your youth, times when life was much simpler. It is innocent because, for most of us, it happens naturally; devoid of any motives. You didn’t try or force anything, it just developed organically and hence it becomes special.

It has other “Firsts” too

Being in a relationship for the first time doesn’t end only in that. You take on new challenges or try new things with this special person. E.g. you go on a long drive for the first time with your partner, the first date, the first movie together, the list is long.

Who will forget the First physical experiences? The first kiss or the first sexual encounter, losing your virginity to that special person. Even if it turns out to be uncomfortable or clumsy, you will still remember it affectionately. Such events change you considerably.

It is Powerful

Falling in love for the first time is totally a different and an out of the world feeling, which you just can’t describe at all. Suddenly you find yourself caring for and thinking about another person for the whole day. So many emotions and feelings run through you during this time.

The subsequent relationships won’t give these kind of feelings to you at all. Which is why the first love and the first lover becomes like a permanent memory in your brain, and how much ever you try, you won’t forget it.

Don’t read too much into it if you get thoughts of your first partner again. If that person is still with you, it’s great! But if not, then you know very well that you truly love your current partner, and most probably, even they might sometimes think of their first love.

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