5 Signs that portray “Till Eternity” for Your Relationship

Most people surely must be getting this one question when they start a new relationship: Will it last, or will it end in a breakup? It is natural because you invest your precious time and emotions in this one person to stay happy ever after. At the beginning of a new relationship, the two people are so much involved and excited about each other that it is hard to answer the above question.

Only after the honeymoon phase is over that the picture becomes clear. This though doesn’t apply to every relationship; some couples realize early that they are meant to be together till eternity. You just have to look out for some indications which may give you the answers you are looking for.

You are totally honest about your past

Revealing your past happens right from the beginning of the relationship. Though not all must be confessed on the first date, it should be a gradual process. But, in whatever you reveal, if both of you are telling the truth to each other, it is a sign that you both consider each other as a very important person and value each other.

It takes maturity, courage, and strength to talk about your mistakes, problems, anything you faced in life. If you are doing it, you are on the right path to go all the way.

You are “yourself” and comfortable around each other

The early part of relationships tends to be shiny and showboating and partners are afraid of showing their natural or vulnerable side, their flaws. Well, if you are not going through this phase or went past it quickly, it is a good sign.

You feel comfortable around each other; you truly feel “yourself” and happy being with your partner, you can talk about every topic under the sun and let your guard down. If both of you feel the same way with each other, then it’s an excellent sign for your long-term future.

Apologies are always sincere

No relationship is all the way perfect and happy. You may hurt each other; there will be fights, but what you do after that is important. Some couples blame each other, give excuses, show no remorse, and are indifferent about their mistakes. Such relationships always go through rough patches.

But if you realize your mistake and apologize sincerely, you avert a big fight and a possible breakup. Saying a simple “sorry” from your heart will melt the heart of your partner right away; saying sorry suggests that you value your partner, your relationship more than your ego and your fights. If this is what happens with you, then you both are made for each other.

You both celebrate achievements together

Being insecure and jealous of your partner is never a good thing for the relationship. True couples don’t compare each other regarding careers, finances, etc. They think of each other as on the same team. If you both enjoy each other’s success, happy for each other’s achievements, you are in that True category.

You are always available for each other

There are no cancellations in any plans for you two. If you say you will meet at a certain time or call, you do it. This builds trust and you can count on each other for getting things done. Such relationships are always happy because everything happens according to plans, always. If you cancel any outing, you get dejected, sad; and over time, get bored and depressed about the relationship. Those who make it happen, no matter what, just keep each other for the long term.

There is never a certainty that a particular relationship will go all the way on its own. Every relationship involves a good amount of hard work and consistent efforts from both the partners to make it successful and everlasting.

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