5 tips to get over a rejection in love

That is one terrifying thing about love which almost no one can stop thinking about – Rejection. Because that is definitely no one expects when they fall in love. But then, people should be ready to face rejection because it is a hard and cold fact of life. No one in this world will get everything that they desire, there will be rejections coming their way, certainly!

When someone says NO to you; feeling lost, alone, left out, dejected are the natural reactions most of us get, and should be overcome in some time. But if that is not happening then it’s a sign of worry. Hold on, following are some ways you can pick up the pieces of your life again and be optimistic:

Accept your emotions

The first ever mistake that should be avoided after facing rejection is denying it because that never helps. On the contrary, it will backfire on you and make the situation even worse. The more you suppress your emotions, the more they will build up and catch up to you later, this is true especially in the case of negative emotions. The first step towards recovery is admitting the rejection and that it hurts! Always remember, there is nothing that lasts forever, even any disappointment or rejection; Times change and eventually you will feel better.

Expressing yourself

After you have accepted your situation, you just don’t sit and go into your own cocoon, even this will not help your situation at all. You need to start expressing your emotions, let them out. It can be anything ranging from writing it, painting, singing, dancing etc. One best way to express yourself is to do it with a friend. Yes, talk to them, don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of that, because that’s what friends are for, right? They will not just give you a shoulder to cry on and emotional support, but also suggest solutions, options and see the situation from angles which you never thought! So do try this.

Not making it personal

This is another mistake to avoid – that you got rejected because the fault was totally yours. Hell no! This is never the case. Do not ever think so less of yourself. More often than not it is also about the person who rejected you. Maybe they rejected you because they don’t find themselves worthy of you, maybe they just didn’t want to get in any relationship with anyone, not just you! There could be more such reasons for the rejection, so don’t blame yourself completely. Do have some self-love and self-respect and don’t let rejection define you.

There is another angle to this – getting rejected means you are coming out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. It is a good learning experience and makes you grow as a person. This situation is better than just silently and secretly loving that person for a longer duration and doing nothing about it. Here, at least you made a move and the chapter was closed before further damage. Now you have got a chance to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Do not preoccupy yourself with that experience

After getting the rejection, it’s easy to replay your interactions with that person and those rejection moments over and over again and then staying gloomy, negative all the time. This will only lengthen your process of recovery and will not let you move on in life. Strive to refocus yourself in a more constructive way and try to bring positive thoughts in your mind.

Do mind diverting tasks

You surely must have neglected your health, family, and friends for that person while you were in love. Now is the time to get all these back in your life with a bang:

  • You can go to parties, movies with friends, or just call them and have long chats.

  • You can learn something new, something which you always wanted to do.

  • You can get serious about some of your hobby or talent and showcase it.

  • You can and must do exercises as it helps release the feel good and healing hormones in you, so joining a gym can be an amazing option.

All such activities will accelerate your healing process and bring your confidence back, making you ready to fall in love again. Remember, you got a rejection because that person just wasn’t meant to be in your life and was definitely not good for you because God has written a better love story for you, a better person for you. You just have to have some patience and enjoy life as it comes.

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