7 Reasons why You should just Go and take Vacations!

Almost all of you must have heard this proverb – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Seldom know that it applies to all adults too, all the working adults who end up being overworked. It is easy to get stuck in a routine, but essential to enjoy a refreshing change in life; after all, we are humans, not robots.

We humans are not born to only work excessively and not experience the wonderful world around us, because if that happens, that leads us to many health risks. So conversely, going out for vacations will give us many health benefits, some of which are discussed below.

  1. The most important gain of enjoying vacations is your Heart health. Vacations reduce the risk of heart attack by about 30 to 50 % which is a good number, isn’t it? Many studies have proven this fact that taking time out for vacations is good for your cardiovascular health and improves heart functioning.

  2. Working continuously without any break build up stress which is why giving yourself a break of at least a few days is de-stresses you and rejuvenates you. Experiencing new surroundings, nature refreshes your mind and you feel elevated and positive for the life ahead.

  3. If you are continuously working without giving any time for your body to recover, your productivity at work is bound to dip. Hence, vacations are necessary as they ensure a change in your life and reinvigorate you for work. You then feel enthusiastic and eager to work and thus productivity increases.

  4. Vacations also help you forge a strong bond with your loved ones. It is normal if you are not able to give time to your family and friends during the usual hectic work week, but that should not go on forever, right? Do give some quality time to your near and dear ones and enjoy life with them, even they will not complain against you.

  5. The more leisure time you get and the more active you are in it makes you happier with your overall life. Hence it is necessary to reward some free time to yourself and spend exploring this beautiful world. It also helps increase confidence in you, meet new people, learn new things, become more creative and start thinking in new ways.

  6. By going on vacations, you are guarding yourself against falling into depression. Subconsciously, the human mind always seeks new experiences. If you fall into a routine which gets boring over a period of time, you start feeling that you are hardly accomplishing anything in life, missing out on things, which can make you depressed.

  7. By working regularly, we inadvertently are in contact with gadgets and technology 24×7. But it is essential to stay away from them for some time and avoid becoming slaves to technology and behaving like robots. Experience nature because then only we will truly relax, rest and recharge ourselves feeling better with life.

But one more thing is important here, vacations mean complete 100% vacations. Resist the urge to even think about work, don’t take any work colleague calls and just immerse yourself totally in vacations. So those stuck with excuses and are avoiding vacations, above are the excuses you get to set a destination, book tickets and just fly there for a change, for your and family’s overall well-being.

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