8 Unusual Drinks of the World You Should Try

When it comes to food, there are thousands of varieties around the world, and the self-proclaimed “Foodies” love to try as much of them as they can during their travels. So why the Drinks be left behind? People love to experiment and try them too. Think about the various Teas, Coffees, Soft drinks or Alcohol; so many versions of them exist in different parts of the world.

Going beyond that, some places also serve some really mysterious, exotic, rare, concoctions with cultural significance that have the power to lift your spirits to some another universe. Let’s check some of those here:

Tongba (millet beer): Nepal

It comes from the Limbu people of Nepal and is the “everlasting gobstopper” of beers. This millet beer is common even among other Nepali groups and foreigners who try it.

The making of Tongba begins with the process of fermenting whole grain millet which takes a few weeks. It’s typically served in a barrel of Tongba when it’s ready to drink. But to drink, you must pour it in boiling water and let it settle; a proper amount of millet will already be there in the container. You must drink it with a bamboo straw which acts as a filter so you can drink the beer and leave the not so tasty sediments like millet behind.

You can easily find Tongba in Thamel, the downtown center of Kathmandu and in the Taplejung district. It’s a perfect warm beer for a cold Himalayan evening.

Kava: Fiji

Attend a Kava ceremony in Fiji and you will find that this drink is an important part of it. The roots, sevusevu, are the main component of special occasions and formal meetings in Fiji. Kava comes from an intoxicating pepper plant found common across the region; it is pounded into a powder and mixed in water.

Kava has 18 active compounds! And some people have confessed that it made them cooperative and talkative! Thus, it is a psychoactive drink and although it’s banned in other countries, it is completely legal in Fiji. Hence, you can try it only in Fiji; consider the side-effects and repercussions before taking the step though!

Sinchicara: Ecuador

Sinchicara is a unique drink made in the Sucumbios province in the Northeast of Ecuador. The commercial version of this drink is present with most of the Ecuadorians in their fridges; the better one, the natural version is regularly gulped by the Amazonian communities.

Sinchicara is a cane brandy merged with the bark of indigenous rainforest plants. One of the main ingredients is “alcohol from sugar cane,” and this drink is also used as a cold medicine! It is believed to be a libido booster, an aphrodisiac! It is used to soothe Rheumatoid arthritis.

You can either buy the retail beverage or a better option is to make it yourself as it is easy to find a recipe online and you will end up consuming a similar drink like those taken by the Amazonian communities. Take it in limited quantities though, as it has about 25% ABV!

The Sourtoe Cocktail: Dawson City, Canada

A big difference with this and the other drinks mentioned here is that this drink has some Legend attached to its origin! A Rum runner named Louie Liken had to lose his toe as it was frostbitten in the snow. His brother cut it off and stored it in a mason jar. A few decades later, it was found in his cabin on a shelf. Since then, it was decided to serve it in drinks to brave bar-goers.

Yes, brave bar-goers because it is not for the faint-hearted; you should literally take a swig with this cocktail served with Yukon Jack or tequila. What happens when the toe gets all used up? You must have surely thought about this. So the simple answer is, other toes are being donated and used in the cocktail since one by one they are being swallowed or getting stolen!

Do you know, this drink is patented and copyrighted? At a Downtown Hotel, that means you can’t get it anywhere else in the world. Hence, if you are in the Dawson City of Canada, do try this.

Boza: Bulgaria and the Caucuses

This drink is not that much of any exotic kind, it is a national pastime of Bulgaria and surrounding caucuses countries. It is made from fermenting boiled flour, because of which it gets a slightly sour but sweet taste. Boza is also an excellent probiotic as it has microorganisms which are good for your gut.

Although it also has some limited amount of Alcohol, it doesn’t stop pregnant women from consuming it as some obstetricians say Boza is good during pregnancy because it increases breast milk supply. Its popularity has decreased now, but you can still try it in some local grocery stores in Bulgaria.

Meat breast mezcal (mezcal de pechuga): Mexico

If you talk about Mezcal, there are so many popular varieties of it in Mexico and all over the world. But, one specific type of it different from the others and hence is worth mentioning here. It is “Mezcal de Pachuga” or Meat Breast Mezcal.

It is produced in a different way than the average mescal; a raw chicken breast (they also use rabbit, hen or turkey) is hung on the still where the mescal slow-cooks in the vapors and is being distilled. So, this process gives the drink a fuller punch. This is one amazing celebratory drink which should be in your bucket list.

Tuna tears soju: South Korea

Have you been to South Korea? Maybe very few people from this part of the world. This country has quite a list of drinks and foods you should sample at least once. Besides the Kimchi Jjigae and Korean BBQ, add the name “Soju” – The potent elixir of South Korea.

You can find Soju in almost every bar, restaurant and convenience store in the country. It is made with distilled rice wine having high alcohol content and comes in multiple flavors, the popular ones being blueberry and peach. Going beyond that, Koreans mix this drink with beer and make “maekju,” in a Jagerbomb style (in it, a shot of Jagermeister is dropped in any of the energy drink); they also mix soju with tuna eye fluid.

Mamajuana: Dominican Republic

Mamajuana is such a drink that it should be the sole reason for you to visit the Dominican Republic. There it’s a national drink and has multiple recipes because everyone there likes to customize as per their wishes. The Bark is one ingredient that is present in all of them though.

People pour honey, red wine, and rum on the bark, besides anything else if they want to add. Since Mamajuana has many recipes, its purpose is also wide-ranging. It can cure colds, treat digestive issues, eliminate flu, and is also an aphrodisiac. But you can also enjoy it just to have a good time. The best place to try this drink in DR is “La Casita De Papi.”

If you happen to travel to any of these mentioned places, get a little adventurous, curious, and experimentative; because life is all about discovering the new, the many different possibilities and beauties of nature. You may or may not like these drinks after trying them out, but you sure will have a rare experience of your life.

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