Be a Super Prankster with these Ideas

We always encounter people playing pranks on others whenever they get a chance. Are you one of them or are you trying to be one of them? Well, playing pranks and not get caught is also a skill difficult to master. It takes humor, wit and a lot of creativity to playfully harass your near and dear ones and have fun along the way. Take the help of these ideas and enjoy scaring them.

  • Collect life-size plastic toy figures of insects, esp. lizard, cockroach, bed bug etc. This prank will definitely succeed as you quietly place near them and watch them scream. You can do many pranks with these fake insects like placing them in food cans, in their bags etc.

  • When they are sleeping, you can put toothpaste, gum or similar thing on their hand and prick anywhere on their face. Shortly, they will hit their face with the paste filled hand and wake up startled!

  • You can put a foghorn on their work chair, so whenever they sit, it will make a loud sound. Similar foghorn can be placed near the door, so whoever will enter, will make a ‘sound’ entrance.

  • Grab spare pants and shoes and keep that on the toilet seat. For hours people will think someone’s inside and won’t use it even if urgent.

  • Keep a cup upside down and write a message on it as if a spider or cockroach is in it and warning not to pick it up. Obviously, there is no need to keep a real insect inside!

  • Crush a brown colored paper in such a shape that it will look like poop and keep it wherever your target human will come!

  • You can put silhouettes of insects inside the lamp, silhouettes of human or ghost figures near the curtains at daytime and genuinely scare your target.

  • Paint the juice glass orange or yellow from inside and keep that near your thirsty victim.

  • If soon they are going to eat Oreo biscuits, you can prank them with a fake cream! Just eat the real cream to your heart’s content and pour white (edible) toothpaste or mayonnaise in its place.

  • Do a fingernail polish painting on their bath soap and wait for the fun when they go inside, the soap just won’t lather!

  • Make a mechanism such that whenever your victim enters the room, they will get drenched in a bucket full of water.

  • Put same colored hair gel in the liquid hand soap and prank your victim as they wash their hands with great difficulty.

  • You can draw different cartoon faces on your victim when they are asleep and enjoy the moments when they will wake up!

  • Put red colored spice in the ketchup bottle, a lot of it and enjoy your victim burn their tongue whenever they use it!

  • Place a transparent sheet over the toilet of your victim overnight. The next day they go inside to use it first, watch their face as they come out!

Actually, such a list will never end. There are literally thousands of new and unique ideas possible. So get creative, invent more pranks, use them and become a super prankster who will be loved by your other near and dear ones and hated by your victims!

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