Car Pooling – Saving made easy!

The recent research statistics have made us super happy to finally conclude that we could breach the old fashion trend of owning a car to define comfort or own super brands of cars as a status symbol. For ages cars have been a necessity or a reflection of luxury for most.

I recently moved into a big metro city for better opportunities. In my early thirties with a home loan to cater to, the car loan only made me wonder if I was doing wrong! Quite emotionally attached to my car, I could not help but look at it with a pit in my heart. It had been lying unused more than 70% of the times while taking up a chunk of income for the easy monthly instalment, leave alone the maintenance cost.

I finally calculated all the costs diligently and made a decision which only give me relief in the long term. I decided to sell my favourite Hyundai which was bought with a lot of passion and determination. Guess this wise decision of selling it was a part of growing up. Gladly, I could directly connect with what we learnt in our economy classes of years ago.

Car pooling has been a saviour trend for those who want to invest wisely and refrain from putting their money in depreciating assets. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Kabbee, flywheel etcetera have now built a fantastic network, specially in the metros. They give the user the benefit of being chauffeur driven all around the cities, ditching car loans and those heavy monthly instalments. Saving all your time and energy that it takes to drive a car in a traffic scenario, car pooling also helps you save on the fuel and maintenance expenses that comes along with a car. That means you just pay for the using part and nothing more. The taxi services also give the user an option of choosing between a basic economy car to flashy ones like Lamborghini and Porches. How cool is that!

The best of 2018 that we have seen is the massive boom in the car pooling and car hiring scenario. As per the experts from Frost and Sullivan, Car makers are surely feeling terrified as we are approaching a point where we could flip the entire car market on its head. A great relief to the biggest concern of global warming, this practice is also giving much needed solution to the traffic congestion on roads. The political parties of various countries are encouraging this trend and requesting companies to invest in car pooling set ups. Many mega countries also go an extra mile to train the citizens on how to use their smartphone features to make bookings easily to meet their transportation needs. With land getting expensive by the day, car pooling also caters to the issue on limited parking spaces.

After car pooling robo-taxi services are next in the limelight. We so cant wait!

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