Confusion still lingers on an Emoji

Sir William Shakespeare once quoted the famous line: “What’s in a name?” and that’s true, but it looks like people have started to follow it in an altogether different field – the Emojis! Because people are using some emojis without bothering to know their real meaning.

You will agree that emojis have become an integral part of our lives, at least the digital texting lives. Most people love to use them regularly, some of them even use emojis more than actual words! The emoji mania has increased so much in the last few years that the “crying with laughter” emoji was literally chosen as the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in the year 2015. Truly the emojis have become a big set of vocabulary on their own.

But do you ever think before sending an emoji? For most of them, surely you won’t, as they are pretty simple and straightforward. But there are some of those who can take up different meanings in different locations around the world or maybe just anywhere in the world!

The emoji that is baffling us the most is the one where two hands meet, where they are supposedly wearing a blue-colored full sleeves shirt. So what do you think it is? Is it a praying emoji or is it just a high-five of two people? Go figure! Because the popular opinion is divided.

Although most of the people think that it is a person praying, and hence, using the emoji for religious purposes or if they want to say “Please”, “Hopeful”, “Sorry”, etc. Some people exist who are convinced that it’s meant to be a high-five and use it to show celebration or success.

This debate or confusion has been there since these emojis came on to our keypads but are refusing to die down. People divided into the above two categories are adamant on their stance but are confused from inside.

Then there comes the third category of people, who are completely chilled out about all this commotion and are using the emoji for both the reasons! Pretty simple isn’t it? It could be because this emoji comes up when both, the praying and high-five searches are made.

Well, people though, are still loving to have fun about it, some are trying to convince their point, and some are further confusing others about it! In the end, it is up to you to use it as you please; just beware if you use it in China as the emoji meanings are very different there!

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