Few good reasons why one must travel!

‘Wanderlust’ wasn’t a word until few years ago! Coined and over-used recently-  It literally means the the desire(lust) to roam about(to wander). Travelling to some place brand new after certain time gaps is a trend that is catching up with the speed of light. While there are too many reasons as to why should one hold a strong wanderlust, one major one is to solely break free from the mundane routine. As daily days are getting increasingly stressful not only for adults but also for high school kids, the quest to travel only gets deeper and deeper.

In the era we live in, travelling is a must for one and all. Staycation, that little weekend getaway, a short trip or a well planned vacation- taking a break to reboot is an absolute essential. Travelling has benefits galore. Here we are giving out some major reasons as to why you should get packing right away!

Home Sweet Home is a comfort zone we all build for ourselves. Change is always challenging. Getting out of the comfort zone and the changes one faces as a bi-product brings in adjustments to make. Embrace these challenges and make adjustments w.r.t people, stay conditions, travel budget, change in time and schedule et cetera. This will only bring in the much needed flexibility and creativity in your character. Change is tough but it always leaves us with a lesson or two!

Meeting different folks of different strokes is a part of basic education in itself. Something no school can teach. Making new friends and learning different styles of life is so value adding! Staying in touch with the constant changes of the modern world not only teaches one to learn new ways but also can inculcate a need to self introspect and change the old ways of doing things in life!

Food is one of the main highlights of every travel tale for us. Learning about the geography and the agricultural aspect and then how the locals play around with different fruits, veggies and ingredients is a wow factor in itself. It’s a pleasure to return home with new recipes to add in your daily cook book as a travel take away! Plus, Food has a language of its own and when you pay attention to your plate while on travel, you can join the dots on how creative can people get with the different cooking styles and techniques using their sound cultural and traditional backgrounds- for us to peep into.

Experiencing different cultures, society norms and traditions via food, clothing, homes, roads, historical monuments, local malls and markets is one of the most exciting parts of travelling. To know fellow human beings better and take the best and leave the rest is so much fun.

Every place you travel to- big or small, urban to rural, rich or poor, whatever stage of development it is in- holds a deep historical background. When you dig deep into the history, the take-away’s are beautiful. If you think of museums and historical monuments as boring then rethink and go visit them asap!

Walking around and spending time around the local nature body reboots your soul. Nature is the best anti-depressant on earth. Spending some alone time in nature has healing properties of it’s own. Soothe your senses by going out on a nature trail and engaging in outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, hiking or whatever you can to have your precious travel time invested in nature.

Escaping from a demanding job or just taking a break from a hectic life, that one gutsy adventurous stint you’ve always wanted to do, wanting to spend some undisturbed alone time or some quality time with the loved one(s), bringing back a great business idea, soul searching, awakening the spiritual part inside you or simply looking forward to have a ball…

Whatever your reason is, do make sure to research and plan your next vacation very well in advance. You don’t want to spend your precious break time in getting stuck at the last minute, paying surge prices or planning from scratch right?  You never know how your next journey to some place new would bring in some dramatic life changing happiness to you. Since you’ve read through our thoughts on same, we wish you happy journey and a lot of travelling to come your way soon!


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