Finding a Soulmate for Cows is easy now!

Usually, on my travel trips, I don’t expect to hear any news which is equally shocking and amusing. But that was not the case when I went to the UK last month. I happened to meet a couple of farmers in the countryside. After interacting with them, I saw something surprising in their smartphones – A dating app, but it was not for humans!

We anyways can do it on our own, or with the help of our near and dear ones, i.e. finding love, searching for a soulmate to settle with. But have you thought anything about the cows or bulls? After all, they too have a heart, can feel love, and need someone to live life with. Right?

That’s what a UK based startup, Hectare Agritech, must have thought and decided to play moo-pid to these poor mute animals. And guess what, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, they launched a matchmaking app for the livestock of the farmers! Named as ‘Tudder’, a mix of the words ‘Tinder’ and ‘Udder’, it has become the new age love-finder for these animals!

Before you start getting imaginative about how it can be used, No! How can the cows or bulls use it themselves, they will just crush the mobiles of their owners with their front legs trying to swipe! That will be the task of their farmers to find some moo-love for their animal.

It is similar to Tinder in looks and use. Farmers put up a few photos of their cow/bull, maybe in different poses (hardly any animal will be smiling and showing their pearly whites), and fill in some vital information like the age, location, owner, pedigree or organic, protein content, milk yield for cows, calving potential etc. So it becomes very useful info for the farmers, by just sitting at home, instead of taking their animal to the market.

Farmers can also describe about their animal in a line or two, some of which are ‘’strong, nice, big sorts, makes nice suckler cows”, “15-month old, well grown bull, ready for love”, “21-months old, beautiful pedigree breeding cow, looking for long-term”, “young, organic but handsome, moody but true lover, swipe right to know more”!

The farmers hear a mooing sound, as they swipe right if they are interested or swipe left if they are not. Once they right swipe on any potential mate, the app redirects them to the SellMyLivestock website where they can contact the owner and make an offer.

The app store has joined in the frolic, stating Tudder is ‘just a bit of fun’ and it ‘seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates’. Although the makers also claim that it is not their responsibility if the cow and bull don’t like each other once they come face to face! And rightfully, are also not responsible for whatever the cow and bull do in their privacy together! They will just help with the matchmaking, and the rest is up to these animals.

Finally, the animals can think that this 21st-century technology and the gadget-driven world is becoming somewhat useful for them too! So there is a hope for a particular bull, if he saw a cow at an auction market, fell in love, but couldn’t get her; and if she is still single, this moo-pid app may bring them together, if they are meant to be!

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