Game of Thrones: The Hidden Iron Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. In preparation for the upcoming season, HBO decided to send fans on their own quest for the Iron Throne. HBO hid a total of six life size Iron Throne replicas all around the world for fans to find (think like “Amazing Race” but for Game of Thrones). When one throne was officially found within the time limit, the clues for the next throne were revealed to the public. This continued for all six replicas until all of them were found. The race started on March 19, 2019 and went on for ten days. The promotion ended just in time for the season 8 première on April 14th. Below are all the clues and the final locations of the life size Iron Throne replicas. Would you have been able to sit on the Iron Throne?

Throne of the Forest

Clue: Seek the Weirwood in this Kingdom on Earth.

For every throne, HBO would also post a YouTube 360 video of the location as an additional clue. Fans Alex Bowring and Tom Maullin-Sapey from Oxford (UK) were the first to find this throne in Puzzlewood at the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. Once this throne was found, the countdown began on the second throne. The clock was ticking with fans only having thirteen days to find the second throne.

Throne of the North

Clue: A crown for each of the three stags.

This throne was also found by two friends, Josefine Wallena and Linus Forsgren. The Throne of the North was located on a ski resort in Bjorkliden, Sweden inside the Arctic Circle. Josefine guessed the location by recognizing the Northern Lights and parts of the terrain from the YouTube 360 video. Once this throne was found, HBO hid both the Throne of Joy and the Throne of Valyria.

Throne of Joy

Clue: A coat of gold, a coat of red. A lion still has claws. And mine are long and sharp, my lord.

Located at Castillo Atienza Guadalajara in Spain, this throne was easier to discover due to the “Tower of Joy” scenes being filmed in this location. The castle was a dead giveaway and GoT fans instantly recognized the birthplace of Jon Snow.

Throne of Valyria

Clues: A true Maester must see the wisdom in what’s not written. The Targaryens use a sigil of red and black, but “the yellow and green one” represents this land.

This throne must have been much tougher to find considering HBO had to give out, not one, but two clues to it’s location. To be fair, this throne was positioned on abeach path between two rocky cliffs as seen on Twitter. Coliseum Beach in Brazil was where this throne was found.

Throne of Ice

Clue: We stand on guard for thee.

This throne was found by a woman named Birgit. The clue references a lyric to “O, Canada” and Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada is where this throne was hidden. Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, HBO had to conclude this quest early for the safety of their fans.

Throne of the Crypt

Clue: A new city flying a starry banner seeks protection from the Great War.

Starry banner meaning the star-spangled banner from here in the USA. New city refers to New York City, NY which is exactly where the final throne was found. Fort Totten Torpedo Battery, Queens, NY was the precise location which closed out the HBO scavenger hunt.

All winners received a Robert Baratheon replica crown to take home. Congratulations to all the winners! The Battle of Winterfell is the main event for episode 3, airing this Sunday, April 28th.

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