How to live with Nature in a City?

Agreed that the city provides you with a good income, so many career opportunities and success, stability, and certainty in your life. But, it can also become very daunting and overwhelming because of all the commotion; air, noise, water, and sound pollutions, etc. and then you might start missing nature.

It is essential to keep ourselves connected to Nature constantly for our overall well-being as this city life is a recent phenomenon of the last 200 years. Before that, the majority or all of humankind lived in villages or small towns, in the lap of nature in their whole lives. So, do you want to feel any connection with nature in your city? Some of the following tips may help in that:

Touching Mother Earth

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the ground or on the grass? Because keeping a physical connection with our planet is important. The powerful healing frequencies of Earth should resonate with yours to bolster your overall well-being. Do regularly walk barefoot on the pavements, or in the park or garden, on the playground, if there is a beach then on the sand, in the waters, etc.

Give specific Time of the day

Dedicate a specific time to Nature every day. It is important to detox yourself and keep away from all the electronic devices and gadgets for some time of the day and go out and observe the nature around us.

Visit Natural landmarks in the City

Most of the cities do have some or all of the following places to go – Museum, Zoo, Park, Botanical Garden, Beach or any other natural place. Regularly visit them to get a feel of being connected to nature. You can have your breakfast or lunch there, do meditation, yoga or exercise. You can even take your work outside at these places if permitted. Go to the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.

Your own Flora and Fauna

This will be one of the best solution and one which will bring you the most contentment. If you stay on the ground floor, you can grow your small space of herbs, plants of various flora and fauna. If not, then you can also grow potted plants in your balcony or inside the house. Water them every day and see them blossom into something beautiful. Your indoor air quality will also improve with more oxygen for you. Besides the flora, you can feed the birds and animals, make a small nest for the birds in the corner of your house. You will love waking up to birds singing every morning.

Don’t drive, walk!

Whether you are going to work, shopping or any leisure. Keep your vehicle parked and just walk! It is better because you will get to feel the city and all the nature in it, the birds, animals, trees, and plants. Walking is also the best form of exercise than just sitting in a vehicle.

Exercising Outdoors

Doing your workouts with nature will benefit you more than doing it in the Gym powered by Air Conditioners. It is very important to take some Sun and Vitamin D on you regularly. You can go to morning walks, or night walks, do jogging on the sides of the roads or do exercise on the terrace of your apartment. You can join yoga classes which are conducted in the open, in the parks, etc.

Watch Nature on TV!

If you don’t find time for the outdoors or any inspiration to connect with Nature, you can as well start with this activity – watching Nature channels on TV regularly. It is a good way to connect with and know nature which is not around us like wildlife.

Be Creative with Nature

If you want to be creative, then be in nature and if you want to spend more time in nature, take the excuse of doing creative tasks like sketching, painting, and doing photography of nature in the park or beach.

Join Organizations

You can join different social clubs in the city that do natural activities like astronomy, birding, etc. You can be a part of social conservation organizations that focus on environmental issues and do your bit to make the city clean, beautiful and green than before.

City life can be financially easy, but tough for our physical and mental health. It is only up to us to make it bearable, to make it a beautiful natural haven for living.

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