Humor is in all of us but at different levels!

What will be this world without fun, humor, jokes? Surely no one would like to live here. Guess that is why humor was invented! It had been in every human culture since millenniums. According to the Primatologists, among all the living beings, only 3 species do have laughter in their lives – Humans, Apes, and Rats. But does that mean the rest of the living world live happily in a world without humor? Ha-ha, debatable.

Laughter also has good health benefits, good for the mind and wellbeing. Maybe that is why an average human being laughs for about 15-18 times a day. Those who listen or see comedy regularly, laugh more than that, while boring people laugh less! People always love to have those around them who are master at making others laugh, be it via stand-up comedy or spontaneous jokes, situational humor, etc.

Some people are experts at humor, maybe it’s in their character, maybe it’s years of hard practice or being with similar people. On the other hand, some people fall flat on their face even after attempting a joke and trying to make others laugh. Their jokes can rather have an opposite effect than their intentions, people can get irritated after hearing their jokes! Some may think of tearing their hairs out! Some may think of doing something to the joke teller! All in humor though.

Humor or laughter, it is also a contagious property. It possesses the capability to spread swiftly from person to person. Sometimes, when we tell a joke, people may take their time to understand the humor in it, and then their laughter explodes! Or sometimes one may laugh instantly, then the other, then another one and so on.

Humor doesn’t have any limits or boundaries. You must have noticed that in a public place if you tell a joke to your friend or any other known person who’s with you, loudly enough for a few other surrounding people also to hear, then even they will join in the laughter, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Sometimes a good comedian can have a bad day. Don’t worry, if your audience loves you, it so happens that you go tell a joke in all excitement hoping that everyone will have a hearty laugh on it later, but in the end, all show a blank face, not amused at all. You feel sad, all the enthusiasm on your face drops down and then suddenly everyone bursts into big laughter looking at you. You may feel embarrassed, but you should also feel accomplished that you made people laugh, after all!

Whereas a bad joker can have a good day at it. So much, that even the joke teller may become surprised at what just happened! If you are bad at jokes and want more of such good days, you can. Have a lot of faith as well as humor; and if it is lacking, then develop it. Because, the truth is that, Humor is an art, and it can be cultivated. So the ‘bad people’, get to work!

Humor is such a quality that should compulsorily be nurtured. It greatly helps us in our difficult times, hectic times. What else could be a better superpower than making others laugh!

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