Is a Karmic relationship antithetical to a Soulmate?

Most of us get attracted to more than one person in our life. The level of feelings differ, as in, you may feel mildly attracted to a stranger who is passing by and then in the next few moments, forget that person completely. Or in other extreme cases, you may have a strong, intense feeling of belongingness to someone who doesn’t go even if you try hard to forget them.

Have you ever experienced that latter feeling? Once such a person comes into your life, there is no escape. Like other types, Karmic Relationships are not completely stressful or happy, but you get to learn a lot.

Predomination of painful feelings?

A karmic relationship is sure to challenge us and bring out the best version of ourselves. According to astrologers and the esoteric belief system, your karmic partner comes or brought in your life automatically with the aid of some cosmic forces, to change or impact your life and help you grow. You will learn lessons that you were unable to do in a previous lifetime.

The one thing of a karmic partner that differs from a soulmate is there will be more fights, sadness, crying, etc. Chilling and relaxing moments will be less as our way of life itself will change. There are high chances that a karmic relationship will not last a lifetime, because that is meant for a soulmate relationship, right?

The Ultimate one: Soulmate

If you meet your soulmate, you should feel blessed. They come in our life at unexpected times and give us a strong feeling that we’ve known this person for many years. Our soul will recognize itself in them as two minds become one and heartbeats synchronize.

There would be quarrels and disagreements, unavoidable fights, but true love will always ensure that, in the end, everything will be alright. It is possible that your soulmate could be your karmic partner, but this one would be the perfect person you will ever get. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t have any other karmic relationship.

More than one chance

No one comes across only one person intended to be our karmic relationship. That’s because we accumulate connections and some unfinished business with many people from our few past lives. This also holds true regarding a soulmate.

One after the other or even simultaneously we encounter someone who can be our karmic lover or who may also have the potential to be our soulmate. We just have to identify that and prepare ourselves to be in the relationship accordingly.

  • The beginning of both, a soulmate and a karmic relationship will be intense and highly energetic love, but as a karmic relationship stabilizes with time factors like jealousy, power play, rage take center stage; unlike a soulmate relationship which just blossoms in something beautiful experience.

  • After spending a good amount of time in a karmic relation, you will regret and may feel like breaking up, you may feel just why you were even in this relationship in the first place. This won’t happen while being with a soulmate.

  • The kinds of lessons we learn while being in a karmic relationship are different than what we learn in a soulmate one.

  • The thing common in a soulmate and karmic relation is connected to the past lives; the difference lies in the fact that with meet a karmic partner just to fulfill past life karma and learning valuable life lessons, while we meet our soulmate to complete our existence, become a better soul, and live happily ever after.

In rare cases, a person may meet someone who can be their karmic partner as well as a soulmate later when the unfinished karmic business is fulfilled. Otherwise, it is best to not end a karmic relationship in marriage, but find a soulmate who will forever be the best person for you.

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