It is possible to enjoy Business Travel!

Among all the types of travel, most people will agree that Business travel is the one where they have weird and confusing feelings. That’s because, on one hand, they are excited to see and experience new places, but on the other hand they have to focus on the task at hand. The meetings, conferences, exhibitions etc. anything for which their business trip is for; and not get distracted by the urge to explore the new place. Many of the USA and European travelers find themselves in such a situation.

It is worse if you end up only doing business in the travel and only business travel in life. But, as the proverb goes, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’! And there are ways to mix leisure and pleasure around your business duties during the stay and feel more satisfied and less stressful about all of it. Following are some of them, which you can try to implement:

  • Firstly, if you have the power to choose your business trip destination, do some research on the options and always take the one where there are more places to explore, where there is more quality and uniqueness.

  • Try to schedule extra days on your business trip, if you can. It is always good to arrive at your destination a couple or more days earlier. In that way, you also get a good chance to recover from the jet lag, besides sightseeing the city/town/countryside. Plus, you can leave after 2 or more days depending on your time availability, budget etc.
  • Those extra days of the business trip can be dedicated exclusively to seeing the location, trying the popular cuisines of that places, any monuments, cinema, malls etc. anything that if famous or good about that place. Always carry a handy guide book about that place.

  • If any of your known people live in that city, like a relative or friend etc. go visit them first. They can become good guides for you to best explore that place.
  • If you are unable to schedule extra days in your business trip, still no problem. Surely, it will not be the case that you will be busy in your business work for the whole day. Maybe you can get up an hour early and set out for a leisure walk. You can walk to work from your stay, just to get a feel of the place. Instead of ordering food to your room, you can go out at any hotels and try out their popular menu.

  • Take full advantage of your stay. Whether you are staying in a 5-star hotel with many facilities or not. If there are fitness facilities, go to work out regularly as it is good to release some endorphins and boost your mood for the work ahead.

  • If it is possible, then try to take your family to the business trip, or even the spouse will do, if your kids can be taken care of back home by someone trustworthy. They can then explore around while you attend your meetings or conference, and after you finish your work, you can directly join them! Scheduling extra days in such a business trip when your family is around is truly beneficial for all. It also helps reduce any work stress in you.

  • There is still an option if you can’t take your family with you. Be sociable; and if you stuck up a connection with people at the business meeting/conference, you guys can meet up outside, maybe for dinner, shopping. If they turn out to be locals, you will be guided well about the place.

In the end, you should not feel disappointed with your business trip. By mixing leisure with business, you also save on a future exclusive leisure trip to that place and return home with pleasant memories.

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