Know the places in your Home that have the most Germs!

Being hygienic and healthy is such a basic thing to do if you wish to stay disease free and happy in your life. Where do you start with that? Of course your home, because that’s where you live the most. Cleaning your house is a chore which you should never miss.

In fact, some people have a kind of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that makes them clean their surroundings frequently. No, you don’t go to that extent, but still, you should be aware of the germiest places of your house; because microbes are everywhere but some places have a huge concentration of these disease-causing little beings. Some of the examples are the toilet, kitchen sink, bath towels, etc.

  • Do you know that your kitchen sink has more fecal bacteria than the toilet place? Yes!

  • Hear one more amazing fact: the bacteria spread for about 6 feet when you flush the toilet with the lid up!

So you can imagine these bacteria being splattered on the toothbrush, bar soaps, bath towels; basically everything that is kept in the toilet space. Microbes like E. coli grow easily on towels, and in 3-4 days, it will be full of them. At this time, cold water won’t be of any help, only hot water will clean the towel of all bacteria.

Thinking about the Kitchen

The place where we prepare our food should be full of bacteria and other germs because the process spreads bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. Consider the sink where you wash your utensils, consider it as a reservoir of all germs. Most people will just run water in it after they are done with rinsing raw chicken or defrosting any other meat products.

In the same way, the cutting board is another hotbed for all germs. The best way to clean all the germs is to use bleach on these surfaces. You should regularly sanitize your kitchen disposals and drains with these bleach solutions or any other environmentally safer option.

  • What thing do you use the most for cleaning in the kitchen? The rag or sponge. Don’t bother about cleaning them, that’s a futile exercise. Replacing them once every week is the best option.

  • Some other things to consider cleaning are kitchen towels and refrigerator handles. Do wash the towels at least twice a week depending on usage.

Another source of dangerous germs entering the home is kids coming back after playing outside. Although the usage of mobile devices by kids has reduced this activity a lot; still, after coming home, the first thing we should do is wash our hands and legs.

Generally, any “thing” or item that is used by only one person should not be considered that contaminated as compared to things that are used by many people. We should focus on cleaning the latter more frequently than the former.

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