Making Memes is also an Art in itself

Although Memes have been around since 4-5 decades, Social Media boom in the last few years have made them famous and viral all over the world; esp. among young adults and teens. Everyone having a social media account is jumping on the meme bandwagon, sharing them and having a few laughs along the way.

Many have even started to make memes themselves, either new ones or their own take of the current trending ones. Some end up being good, while some end up falling flat on the face. Some people do it just for the fun on occasional times; while some of them try to do it regularly just to be one of the best in it. Are you one from the latter category?

The world of memes is a culture in itself. They are mostly used for trolling, fun purposes and also for any social causes. As such, there are no set conditions or qualifications to be a meme maker. Also, there aren’t any courses or teachings to be one. But there are some prerequisites, which are:

  • A basic laptop, PC or even a basic smartphone would suffice.

  • A Meme making software or an app from the Google play store/Apple store; and there are plenty of them, varying in features and ease of use. You can try them one by one or use a few free ones simultaneously to get the best out of them.

  • Templates; a lot of them. They are the images on which your memes will be based. Hence, the more you have, the better it will be.

  • Internet connection is a must for various reasons like: downloading meme templates, some famous memes, seeing the current trending memes and topics, uploading your creations, etc.

Anyone can be a meme maker, but making the top and potential viral memes is an art, which will come best by practice and self-learning. You need to have a high level of ‘out of the box’ thinking and creative skill. If these two attributes are not there, they can be developed by regular practice of making memes and studying/observing the current trending memes. In its basic form, a meme can be any picture with a few words written in it, above and below. Memes can also be gifs and videos; but images are more popular, easier and quicker to make.

On the Internet and social media, look out for the new memes, so that you can think and give your take on that meme; any situation you know which you can connect with that meme image. It can be either your own experience or anything seen in popular culture. You can also choose any common meme concept like: pic says it all, yes we exist, close enough, admit it, etc. and make your own meme. Look out for any topic which turns out to be funny or trolling, and you can become the first person to make a meme on it or make something which can potentially become viral.

It is important to post/publish your memes as soon as you make them to avoid the possibility of someone else making the same meme and going viral. Share them on your social media page or account and at many other social media mediums like groups, communities, etc. to try to make it viral. There are thousands of meme concepts, cartoons, faces, styles, etc. and new ones coming up regularly; you just keep exploring them, keep challenging your creative limits to make memes and become one of the best in them.

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