New Year Resolutions for 2020

The Christmas week is fast approaching and people are busy planning a memorable end to an eventful year of 2019! But that is not the only thing on people’s minds. We also go busy in writing “Resolutions” for the upcoming year, to make it a better one than this year, to make ourselves better than currently who we are!

Even though very few of us actually implement those resolutions after a couple of months; still, the activity of making resolutions never fades, rather followed religiously. So for 2020, where are you with your resolutions? Well if you need any help, you can include some of the following points in your list:

  • I will exercise regularly and become fitter: Obesity is a big problem in the US, so including this one will make sense for many. Give more time to your health, workout in the gym without any interruptions, lose weight, build endurance and stamina, and eat healthily. Remember, living healthy is important to living happy.

  • I will make others smile: This will mean many things like cracking more jokes, helping others, doing some volunteer work, donating to a cause, etc. You can also feed some random poor kid on the street and make their day. When you make others happy, you automatically feel true happiness from inside and good about yourself.

  • I will explore new hobbies or skills: We are not born to live a routine boring life as it comes. Learning something new will bring a refreshing change in your life. You never know, it can change your life for the better, it may spark a new business idea for you, and it may also bring out some dormant, hidden talent in you!

  • I will spend less time in unproductive work: Why to waste time in something that won’t benefit you in any way? Many people today spend a lot of time glued to their mobiles, which is really unnecessary. Other activities that may be included here are sleeping too much, lazing around, surfing the web, et al.

  • I will do meditation every day: This activity will go a long way in ensuring overall health, peace of mind and wellbeing for you. Just take out 10 minutes every day and see the results for yourself within a month!

  • I will quit smoking/vaping: You must have seen/heard the side-effects of vaping in recent times. Realize the fact that this habit will only bring you destruction, nothing else. Though quitting won’t happen instantly, you will be required to do it gradually with a well-made plan.

  • I will travel more: Just pack your bags and explore new places. There is no other activity that will enrich your soul and senses. Discover this beautiful world, meet new people, and take in new experiences, one place at a time.

  • I will get out of Debt: A lot of people, esp. students, in the US are under some or the other debt. Make a detailed plan to go debt-free and it will all depend on how much debt you have accrued till now. Do everything you can to repay it, step-by-step, and live the rest of your life without any worry or burden.

  • I will actually practice my resolutions: This is one resolution that all of us should include in our list, rather should be on top of it! Talking, planning is easy, but implementing that consistently is way harder. You are making these resolutions to succeed, be happy, be a better person in life; so don’t take anything lightly, be determined and resolute.

Just ensure that you write realistic resolutions which will be achievable in 2020, don’t write too many of them, and be patient about them. When you go off-track, remind yourself of the reasons and pick up again. You can break down your resolutions into small parts, focus on achieving them, and don’t forget to celebrate small wins.

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