Quiz Time! Know how strong your physical relationship is.

Lives in the 21st century is not as easy. People work hard to live a great life and the stress levels have doubled. Loosening of your romantic ties to keep up to the rat race is as easy as a blink of an eye. Go ahead and take this quiz to know your exact status quo with respect to your romance levels with your loved one.

  1. If you are a young parent, sure your life is all about your kid. You might struggle to give all the love, time, energy, money and all that you have to make sure that your kid is all covered, but it is never enough. It is important to have a free hour with your spouse without your baby or any discussion over baby issues. In case you get such an hour what do you do?

    1. I am with my favorite blog or book
    2. I finish my pending home chores
    3. I catch up on my social circuit
    4. Use this chance to catch up with my partner and his or her romantic interests
  2. Your physical intimacy is an indication of not only the physical aspect but a lot more. When was the last time that you made you love?

    1. I cannot remember since it was ages ago
    2. Just a couple of months ago
    3. We believe in birthday and anniversary sex, so it was then
    4. A few days ago. Ensuring our physical intimacy is intact is a priority
  3. After a certain point when you are comfortable with your partner it is very normal for you to have thoughts in your mind while in the middle of a sex session. When you are in close physical proximity with your spouse or partner, what goes on in your mind?

    1. Let’s just get over with this soon. I am only doing this to please my partner and maintain the decorum my relationship
    2. All the pending tasks in my to do list and how when and where can I execute them
    3. I am bored of this. This could have been better, and we need to work on it
    4. I need to do all that I can to make sure that both of us enjoy our intimate time together
  4. How do you and your partner communicate about what your body needs and of what you fantasize about physically?

    1. I am not a romantic person and it does not interest me so much. We don’t talk about it
    2. We are not so open about it. I feel conscious or awkward in discussing each other physical needs
    3. I share few of my sexual thoughts but not all because I am not so comfortable in doing so
    4. We believe in satisfying each other completely and are open an honest about it
  5. Kissing and hugging are not only about being intimate but is also a parameter of how comfortable you are with your partner physically on a day to day basis. How often do you kiss and hug your partner?

    1. Once in a blue moon
    2. A good night kiss or a good morning kiss is a practice
    3. We make a conscious effort and kiss often
    4. We kiss and hug each other all the time and do not need reasons to do so. Sometimes a random casual kiss or a hug can get into a passionate one leading to some exciting stuff.

Now is your score time!

Mostly As- The physical intimacy between you and your partner is almost dead. It is a serious issue and you need to discuss with your partner on how to build the physical relationship all over again. Very conscious efforts have to be made to get your physical life back on track. 0 Read our blog on Rekindling your romantic life in our relationship section.

Mostly Bs- You were romantic and physically close to each other at one point, but the daily life rut took over. You have lost that link to your physical romance. It’s never too late and you can still work towards free igniting your physical relationship without too much effort

Mostly Cs- You guys are pretty intimate physically. All you need to do is work a little hard to get that extra alone time together. A weekend getaway, a staycation, a mini vacation or simply setting some time aside for you and your spouse every day is all you need.

Mostly Ds- This is the sign of a very healthy couple. You guys are bang on! You can be relationship gurus. You are thinking about your partner’s physical need and have a relationship that is healthy enough. You openly talk about it and are well aware of how to win your partner’s heart!

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