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Living in a non-city environment is easy for those who were born in or previously lived like that. But for those with prior experience of only the bustling city life, it can be difficult. For e.g. a person born in New York City may not easily adjust to life in Jacksonville in Randolph County in Missouri. Such people can also be apprehensive and feel lowly about it. But then, there are advantages to everything.

Whether you need to live in a village for work or personal reasons, whether for a few weeks or years, it will be best if you fully take advantage of all the plus points of village life during the stay.

Fresh Air all around

The atmosphere in the villages is clean and has pure oxygen for you to breathe. All thanks to minimum vehicles, and almost no industries around. Every night the skies are filled with thousands of shining stars and the moon, unlike the city life where air pollution blocks such a view. Village people are nature lovers, so expect a lot of trees and plants which help enhance the air quality.

Pollution free

Besides having no air pollution, villages are devoid of other types of pollution like soil, noise, water, light etc. Village life is so simple in this regard and villagers are proud of this aspect. Since the population is less, so is less noise pollution, and less no of households translate to less light pollution. People have their own bore wells which give clean ground water to drink for all the year round.

Fresh Food

Village people always get fresh, pure, and original fruits and vegetables as compared to city people because villagers work hard and grow their own crops. Even the dairy products are fresh as most of them have farm animals and hence have a sure supply of milk and eggs. There is no mixing of any harmful chemicals in the foods and villagers stay disease-free, strong and live a healthy life.

No congestion

If you are fed up of all the crowding of people, less space, small houses in your city, then you should like village life because here people have wide houses, which can be expanded anytime as needed, plus lots more space for playing, gardening etc. There are no traffic jams and no crowding of people anywhere.

Low cost of living

As compared to life in a big city, the costs of living in the countryside are less. Consider any cost like land, construction, commodities, groceries etc. all are low in villages. With the same amount of money, you can buy one small house in a city, but up to two to three houses in a village.

Eternal Peace

Peace is guaranteed in rural life. Villagers have a simple and relaxing lifestyle as they have fewer expectations in life and are happy about it. Add to it all the greenery around, clean air, chirping birds, quiet domestic animals, pure hearts etc. You will feel close proximity to nature and mother earth.

Endearing Villagers

Village folks like to live a simple life with a pure mind. Traits like cheating, robberies, frauds, tensions, and worries are absent among them. They find happiness and contentment even in small things. They care for one another and keep good relations with everyone. Most of them live in joint families happily. In fact, the whole village is one big happy family.

It is because of all the above factors that villagers are happier, healthier and have a longer life expectancy than their city counterparts. Those coming to live from cities will definitely find rural life endearing in a short time; maybe extend their stay even further by weeks or months.

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