Revisiting the latest trend – Gluten Free Diet and a lot more..

While there are so many types of diets dispensing out of a nutritionist’s machine, we can’t help feeling amazed to see how crazy this weight loss industry is getting – day by day. You want to sell anything under the label of weight loss and voila! You have buyers!!

Keto diet, Atkins diet, General Motors diet, Vegan diet, Raw food diet and so many more.. the list is literally exhaustive. Which one should one pick off the lot? Well, of all that we have read the most sensible diet to follow for one and all, in this era, would be the gluten-free diet. Gluten is nothing but a complex protein found in certain foods like wheat, potato, rice, tapioca and most of the high carb varieties. We may not stress on you having to go free of gluten but cutting gluten in your diet will surely have you cutting almost 95% of the junk foods you have around you.  Now, doesn’t it make all the sense to have more of your greens, fresh fruits, and veggies and cut on that carb-loaded bread or bean-based curry? A diet designed for you to be having High fiber- Low carb meals along with no friend-no sweets is a wonder pill for anyone suffering from prediabetic conditions, diabetes or even obesity at any level.

A totally gluten-free diet is recommended for intense medical conditions like celiac disease, nonceliac gluten sensitivity, gluten ataxia, and wheat allergies.  A low gluten diet can be taken up even by fit individuals who only intend to tighten up the body composition. Weight loss overall improved health, reset of the gastrointestinal fauna and higher energy levels come with a gluten-free diet in the general population.

When we stress on all things good w.r.t the gluten-free diet, we should not forget the side effects excusing some food groups can bring in. We surely don’t want to miss out on vitamins and other nutrients. A lot of foods containing gluten also contain good amounts of iron, calcium, fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folates. Ensure you have these added in your diet in some form or another while on a gluten-free diet. Also, don’t get tricked! Under the name of gluten-free, you may end up buying a lot of sugary or high-calorie foods. So, read all the food labels, not only for the gluten content but also for overall nutrients like levels, salt, calories from fats and calories from sugars.

If you want a transformation and have a long term goal, pick your diet wisely. Read on to a basic guide on how to do so!

  1. Get your blood tests done
  2. Set your goal
  3. Consult your physician for advice on dietary, supplementary and other supportive
  4. Pick your diet per your body composition and design your workouts and diet accordingly
  5. Once hooked onto the apt diet and workout form, track your progress. Yeah, Make that tracking sheet!
  6. Introduce changes in both- diet and workout periodically. Change is important to keep the metabolism burning.
  7. Don’t forget to get the supporting supplements and treatments while on a transformation journey!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Wish you a a holistic health and a diet cum workout routine that fits well in your daily routine and rather than a short term stunt, turns into a lifestyle forever!

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