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When we were little, our grandmothers strongly advised that for high energy levels, lustrous hair, strong nails, glowing skin and good immunity, one mistake take utmost care of his or her digestion. Eating the right foods which are high on fiber, moderate to low on carbs and fats is the best way to take care of the gut
It is only in the later years of life that we realize how the advice coming from experience is valuable indeed!

Stomach is the most important organ of human body giving it the fuel that it needs to function smoothly. There are healthy and unhealthy bacteria thriving in the stomach due to apt levels of temperature, pH and acidity. Healthy bacteria are necessary for good health while the unhealthy bacteria are responsible for infections of all sizes and of various types. Poor bacterial health in the gut can result into issues pertaining to bowel movement, bloating, flatulence, acidity and inflammation. It usually starts on a small scale with negligible issues like irritational bowel syndrome or acidity which can later turn into chronic diseases. As we age, it only worsens into serious ones like obesity, hormonal disorders, diabetes and arthritis.

It is never too late to iron out the wrinkles and watch out for what to put into your tummy. It is not impossible to detoxify, and kick start your metabolism at any age.

Want to feel fresh and energetic again? Want to detoxify and renew your digestive system? It is no rocket science. All you need to do is start with baby steps and change what to buy for your kitchen and what you feed your tummy. Read on to take away 6 little changes to make in your diet right away without even feeling the pinch that usually comes with breaking bad habits or inculcating new changes.

  1. Include food high on fiber content- 

    Foods which are high on fibers act like scrubs to the digestive system, washing out the toxins, giving clean relieving bowels. Most of the green leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables like broccoli, beetroots, carrots and okra are high on the fiber levels and must be included in the diet in some form or another. Add some good amount of these high fiber foods in your diet every single day, preferably towards the end of the day

  2. Stay hydrated with detox water- 

    Staying hydrated is the prerequisite for maintaining body temperature and helping the metabolism run fast. Hydration helps in flushing our toxins, maintaining apt body temperature, helping bowel formation and keeping energy levels high. It may also mask the symptoms of artificial hunger. Detox water recipes are our favorite new fad. Lemon, mint and berries infused waters are a great reason to stay refreshed and hydrated all through the days.

  3. Ensure you don’t repeat the dishes and include a variety- 

    Adding variety in your diet means adding a lot of vitamins and nutrients from various sources. Ensuring that your plate has a lot of bright colors, investing in seasonal fruits and vegetables ending experimental with your taste buds is good for your gut (look into our food section for the rainbow foods or colorful foods that one must include in his or her diet)

  4. Load your diet with probiotics- 

    Probiotics are nothing but certain gut-friendly live yeast or bacteria which are present in some natural foods and some cultivated with a purpose. Probiotics are supposed to be taken along with meals and not on empty stomach and these include a list of foods like yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso, pickles and a lot more. If there is a way to naturally boost your gut fauna, why not!?

  5. Cover up on deficiencies naturally- 

    We strongly advice getting regular blood, urine and weight checkups are done. Deficiencies are natural after a certain age owing to the kind of lifestyle we lead. Dealing with deficiencies naturally is like indirectly having your organs thank you for not injecting it with chemicals unwanted. Vitamins pills are good for the system, but natural healers are the best. If you are low on HB and iron, load your diet with spinach and raisins, if you are low on Vitamin D then soak up in the sun and if you are low on Vitamin C then up your game with citrus fruits and veggies. There are natural solutions for almost all Vitamin deficiencies. Consult your physician and insist on getting your hands on the list of natural foods that you can put in your gut to help get rid of those deficiencies!

  6. Ban on the 5 poisons:

    If you are on detox and plan to calm your system, put a strict ban on 5 of these poisons – sugar, tastemakers, artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Many elders don’t realize how they are making a mistake while they feed colored or artificially flavored foods to their children. While it should be totally banned for children and elderly owing to their weaker immune and digestive systems, mid-aged folks could indulge in them occasionally.

Hope this gets your gut asking for changes to be made right away. When you deal with tougher situations in life like a pro, making these 6 teeny weeny changes in your life is surely air light and loads of fun!

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