So What Resides Under The Hood Of Your Car?

If anyone asks you this above question, your answer will be a simple one, a car engine. Then you will proceed to give the details of it like the motor, oiling, battery, coolant, fans, etc. But is it compulsory to have only these cars related parts under the hood?

Have you ever checked what exactly is there under the hood of your car? You should, because one person got the shock of her life when she popped open the hood of her car. There were about 200 walnuts kept neatly inside!

Holly Perisic, a resident of Pittsburgh located in Pennsylvania State, was driving her Kia as usual when she started smelling something burning on the front side of her car. Worried, she stopped her car on the side and opened the hood to inspect and what was there was something she could have never imagined in her life.

Squirrels had stored around 200 walnuts, their food for winter, around the engine! Not just that, to carefully keep the walnuts in place, they also padded the engine area with lots of grass! All this while in the last few weeks, the critters were taking their food from a nearby walnut tree located in their yard and storing in their vehicle.

Now how can we blame the poor squirrels to not understand that it is a four-wheeled transport vehicle of the humans, and that is the all-important engine area of it? Her husband told CNN that the walnuts were everywhere under the hood, radiator fan, around the battery, etc.

What Holly smelled was the roasting of the walnuts, mostly because of the heated engine. Those around the engine block had become black and definitely were roasted. Most of the walnuts were removed out by the couple, but not all. For the remaining ones, they went to a local garage. The mechanics removed more of those fruits from those difficult areas under the hood where the Perisics couldn’t reach.

Apart from having these edible things, the Kia was not damaged. Chris then turned to Facebook to advise all his friends regarding his peculiar discovery. He wrote: “Long story short, if you park outside, do yourself a favor and check under the hood every once in awhile.”

That day the Perisics learned one thing though, the squirrels may be cute looking and innocent, but these small critters do have the ability to surprise humans in this way. You better inspect your vehicle when you take it out, who knows there might be some other shocking surprise waiting for you, maybe some snake, or a variety of fruits?

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