Solo Travel: A Must for Everyone

Traveling, visiting different places is on the bucket list of almost everyone. Whichever be the place and our travel companions, we all do it. Who doesn’t love traveling? But those who do solo traveling are still in minority today. Have you done it? You should if you haven’t taken this different experience in life. Following are some of the points which, hopefully, could motivate you to take at least one solo trip in life:

It boosts your Confidence

Traveling solo is not an easy task but achievable if you plan all things beforehand; and if you accomplish that, successfully managing all your tasks, meeting new people, there will be a noticeable increase in your confidence in general. You will feel empowered, ready to take on the world.


Sure, you discover the world, the destinations which you had previously only seen on digital screens. But you also discover yourself, some new facets of your personality. Since you are alone, you get to focus on yourself, your needs, thoughts, inner-self, and with that, you may discover something which was there in you but was dormant all these years and this solo travel brought it out; for e.g. a new life skill, a different talent etc.

You get to meet more people

In solo travel, you don’t stay alone all the time. You will always end up talking with people whether it is just some help about directions or having long meaningful chats with complete strangers about life and everything. You might also get some new long lasting friendships along the way. People find solo travelers more approachable and easy to start a conversation.

Total Freedom

You will have the privilege to decide all your travel plans, where you will stay, how you will travel, what places you will visit etc. and can also change them at the last minute without any repercussions. You won’t have any travel companion to listen to, to force their wishes upon you. You will get to set yourself free to do whatever you wish in that time, away from all daily life distractions.

Good to go out of your comfort zone

We humans won’t develop and become a better person if we limit our challenges. A solo trip will help you get out of your comfort zone, you will learn to thrive outside of it and you will grow as a person. You will also learn how strong you are when you are all alone as you face new challenges every moment.

More focus on the trip

Generally when we travel with family or friends, about half of the travel time we end up in conversing with them or managing other related tasks. But on a solo trip, you get to completely dedicate your time and senses to and experience the surroundings without the distractions of a companion. This way we also remember more from our trip and experiences than we do otherwise.

Besides the above reasons, you will get a new perspective to look at life after this experience. A solo travel may change the course of your life for better, you might get a totally new and different career idea, direction, a new business idea maybe. You become more accommodating, humble in life. You realize that actual experience of that place is more rewarding than seeing it on the internet or using anything made at that place. With this one experience, you will definitely love to embark on another solo travel and live life the way you want to…

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