Take some Pills and fart like Roses!

Is there any person in this world who love the smell of farts? There could be few such totally weird people but for most of us, it is a big turn-off. We just love to run as far away as we can, from fart smells. But hold on, now you could have a change of heart about all of it, thanks to a French man named Christian Poinchewal.

Well, this gentleman claims he has invented pills that can give a pleasant transformation to the smell of your farts! Yes, you heard it right. All you have to do is pop a pill and relax, the subsequent farts will fill the atmosphere with the smell of roses.

If you are feeling like what the heck is this, then probably you have breathed fresh air in your life. But look at those who have endured the varied & unbearable smells of farts, they must be finally feeling hopeful! The bizarre product, christened as “PilulePet” doesn’t come in only one aroma, i.e. of Rose, but also in many other pleasant smells which range from chocolate to perfumes.

Christian got the idea of making this product when he himself had a bad experience. Once he was with his friends at a table having dinner. The abundant meal had a particular smell and as they were finishing the meal, they started farting. The effect and smell were so much unbearable that it nearly asphyxiated themselves and diners of neighboring tables! Naturally, he felt extremely embarrassed and he decided to do something about it.

That was way back in the year 2007. He quickly started to work on developing such pills and finally, he’s ready with his unique offering. Though he claims that these pills are fully natural and just dietary supplements made with natural ingredients, it is up to you to find out that. Obviously, that’s if you give out regular farts, or else they become the perfect gift item to anyone you know who farts!

His product website cheekily adds “Our fragrant variants also add a touch of humor for any occasion.” They also claim that many of their customers are returning back to buy the pills again. The scents listed on the website are Rose, May Day Lily, Violet, Christmas chocolate & St. Valentine’s ginger.

That’s not all, they are also offering these pills for dogs; as the product description reads “A natural food supplement for pets that fart. If you are tired of rolling down the car windows during long car trips then this is for you!”

Well, the world is already filled with weirdness and if some weirdness is going to solve some serious problems of some people then they shouldn’t be weird, no? What should be the next product that will be weird, yet useful?


Image courtesy: https://www.coolshityoucanbuy.com/

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