Teenagers and Love life: Can’t it be simple enough?

The most confusing time of life for humans? And most people will unanimously answer as their Teenage years. Because that’s the truth and no one escapes this beautiful truth. Beautiful because you get so many learning experiences, memorable moments and you transform completely. Teenage years are filled with so much uncertainty that you never know what turn life will take for you.

The biggest ambiguity for every adolescent is their love life. For most of them, the word “stability” is just not there in their love life. Nevertheless, science terms it as a major developmental milestone. The feeling of getting super attracted to someone is so intense, you just can’t avoid it.

Some of the common things you will notice about adolescent love are:

  • Kids gradually start getting closer to friends and start drifting away from parents. At least that’s what happens from the emotional point of view. They start trusting their friends more and start keeping secrets from parents. This results in peer pressure which spills on to their love lives.

  • As they begin their teenage years, kids start getting attracted to and liking people of the opposite sex. Some of them seriously, while some others casually, but most of them get confused about all of it. Some may think it’s that once in a lifetime true love when it’s not, some may suffer a one-sided love. Well, there exist all types of permutations and combinations in this aspect of life.

  • For those who are shy by nature or to make the first move, social media and dating apps have come to their help, but also have made things complicated. Teens experience many different concepts like “friends with benefits”, “multiple relationships”, “one night stands”, “casual sex”, etc.

  • Teens are emotionally unstable and that plays a huge part in their love life. If they don’t take a romantic rejection easily, they may get depressed, get into substance abuse, or in any other risky behavior. Not to forget the peer pressure factor. It’s why teens are forced to take decisions and actions without thinking anything about the consequences.

  • Because of raging testosterone, teens also develop competitive behavior. Teens may harm each other to get the love of the same person, they may forcibly try to get the person they love by resorting to bad and ugly practices.

It is important for people to understand their teens and for teens to understand each other. Not all is bad and horrible during the adolescent years though. It is the time when people learn so many things regarding relationships and other important life lessons, it is when the kids become adults.

Some of them get proper guidance and support, some of them do find their ideal, true, perfect, and long-lasting love life. So it is possible for everyone to have somewhat stable adolescent years. With correct guidance and understanding, love life during the teenage years can be just about bearable and lovely.


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