The Amazing Interiors of a Destination Trailer

Having a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and being on a picnic is such a luxurious feeling, isn’t it? They come in innumerable shapes and sizes serving different purposes, yet you will be spoilt for choices in selecting the right one. One of the better categories of these trailers is the “Destination Trailer.”

What is a Destination Trailer?

A destination trailer is larger and elegant than a traditional travel trailer. You get a little more comfort, space, and affordability in it; besides the main fact that you get to travel to exciting tourist places wherever you want and still live in the coziness of your home.

These bumper tow trailers may look like any other RV from the outside, but is a luxurious extended vacation home. Unlike other trailers, it is meant to be parked at a place for months at end, in a way like it is set up and leveled at its destination, so the hitch stays attached for months at a time. It is known by many names like a residential trailer, cabin, resort trailer, and park model too.

Dissecting the Interiors

The uniqueness of these RVs lies in here. The interiors are made keeping in mind the long-term use at a stretch and all-round living just like a usual fixed home.

They have higher ceilings, large floor plans, and heavier furniture. Everything present inside is in the residential style and size. You will get large spacious windows for more light and air, and patio doors. Destination trailers usually are not as wide as other park models, but you do get a retractable awning. Some of the features you may expect to find in a destination trailer are:

  • Residential size stoves, refrigerators, pantries, and baths that include tubs.

  • Solid wood cabinets.

  • Deep kitchen sinks.

  • Outdoor and indoor entertainment system.

  • Heat-generating fireplaces.

  • You may also get a second bedroom and a half bath.

  • Central vacuum systems.

  • Solid surface countertops.

  • High-quality luxurious furnishings.

Destination trailers usually have holding tanks of black water and grey water, you don’t need a residential sewer connection. The beautiful and stunning interiors, esp. the kitchen, will make you feel at your real home. The maximum interior size you will get is about 400 square feet and a height of 7 feet. The best part of this is that you get all the interior features in hundreds of different floor plans. Some manufacturers may also give you the option of customizing the floor plans.

These large trailers do have the option of hooking up to external sources of water, waste, and electricity; but they are self-contained and hence, unlike other RVs, you don’t have to depend on anyone else. Destination trailers offer comfort and easy king-sized living for about 4-5 people. Sometimes, it may be about the journey, but sometimes, it is about the Destination; and when you are in these big trailers, you will never get bored of living, because here you will get to live with your whole family.

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