The Awesome Closeness of Grandparents & Grandkids

Whenever kids are with their grandparents, just observe them. The close relationship, the kind of bond that they share; will you see that in any other relationship? It is so cute, based on pure and innocent love. Not all, but still, most of the children have that different level of rapport with their grandparents which they do not have with anyone else.

Many pieces of research of Social sciences and Psychology have discovered and proved this fact. In today’s world of nuclear families, this bond gains even more importance than before. It is a very important marker of strong family ties and is beneficial for the psychological health of both, the kids and grandparents.

  • Special names: The kids brand their grandparents with custom names like Gigi, Granny, Nana, etc. and vice versa, thus making each other their own special person.

As grandparents connect with their grandkids, they get to stay updated with the latest happenings and trends of the world, new tech, and ideas. The kids get to hear about loads of stories, wisdom, morals, values, teachings, experiences, etc. which they can use later in life to become an ideal adult.

  • The hugs & kisses: Name any other and better cute moment than the grandkids running up to their grandparents, hugging each other tightly and getting lots of kisses, showering some kisses back to their grandparents.

The life of the grandparents is otherwise boring, it is only when their grandkids are with them, that they are truly active, hyper, and lively. This physical proximity to such cute members of the family is also good for their health and overall mental well-being. If it is not possible to stay in the same house, grandparents often visit their kids’ family or vice-versa. Today, even a video call is a good option for both to stay connected regularly.

  • Cartoons & Movies: You are never too old to watch animated movies. Cartoon films, well, is it compulsory only for kids to watch? No one can question grandparents for buying tickets to the latest animated flick if they are with their grandkids!

Can anyone else give the wealth of life experience to the growing up kids than the senior citizens? Not even their parents. The early the kids get life lessons and values, the better it is for them. Researchers have shown the link between this grand bond and the pro-social behavior of the kids. Those who are in the age range of 11-16 years, they showed fewer behavioral and emotional problems.

  • Fun & Relaxation: Parents have the responsibility of making their kids to be ideal citizens and good human beings, which is why they put on restrictions and rules on their kids. Grandparents happen to do the balancing act; they build relationships and have fun, stay mentally sharp; the kids get to relax with them.

Even the parents of the kids should be aware of the importance of the relationship and bonding between their parents and kids. They should ensure that this closeness happens and remains for as long as it could. If they are a nuclear family, they should regularly meet each other, because, sometimes the kids find it easier to open up to their grandparents about any issues.

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