The bitter truth of Rebound Relationships

Romantic breakups are never good for the souls involved. Almost every time it is accompanied by a myriad of negative emotions like loss, sadness, grief, crying, emptiness etc. Everyone reacts differently to breakups. As far as the question of jumping into a relationship again is concerned, some take their own time, while some become averse to be in a relationship for a long time.

Then there are people who immediately jump in a relationship again after a breakup. They seldom think about anything. Such relationships are called as ‘Rebound Relationships’. They are never looked upon in a positive way because almost all rebound relationships end up in a breakup. Most of the rebound relationships are such that one person is the one who is instantaneously getting in a relationship after a breakup, a.k.a. rebounder, and another will be mostly a normal sane person whom the rebounder fancies, a.k.a reboundee.

Not everyone gets into a rebound relationship after a breakup, because the factors that govern that aspect mainly depend on the breakup of the previous relationship. How long the relationship lasted, how intense and painful the breakup was and also the mental stability of the breakup sufferers are some of the aspects that determine whether the heartbroken person will get in a rebound relationship or not.

A breakup mostly happens in a way where one person breaks up with or leaves his/her partner, whatever be the reason for the breakup. The one who is left, comparatively suffers more pain than the one who initiated the breakup. That person, instead of opting to suffer the breakup completely may opt to quickly get into another relationship. This doesn’t mean that the one who initiated the breakup won’t get in a rebound relationship, that person too can!

The rebounder may think that getting in a new relationship will help them forget their previous partner quickly, but that does not often happen. They may be doing it just to boost their ego, and reassure themselves that they are still loved and wanted by people of the opposite sex. Unknowingly, they may just want to fill the emptiness left in their life by their previous partner. They may just want to quickly move on from their previous love and distract themselves in a new company. Such are the very intentions for indulging in a rebound relationship, hence it seldom is a success.

Whether it becomes a one-night stand or a 6-month stand, both the persons involved in it suffer another breakup after coming to reality, after the initial attraction is over. It is less painful for the rebounder and more for the other person involved; because sometimes the rebounder deliberately gets in such a relationship and knows that it will not last forever, and hence is prepared for the breakup possibility. Some of the negative factors of a rebound relationship are:

  • It is not based on love or strength, but on weakness, ego, or lust.
  • A Real risk of narcissist behavior.
  • Over-involvement in or addictive sexual behavior.
  • Mental vulnerability to manipulate or be manipulated.
  • Heightened fear of rejection and abandonment, feeling less trustful.
  • Heightened behavior of using short-term solutions for big problems.

Although, in rare cases, a rebound relationship may succeed and be full of happiness, whether one or both the partners were rebounders! It shouldn’t happen just for the thrill of it. It is always better for the rebounder to take their own time and be clear before getting into a new relationship.

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