These 11 Tips will help you keep a perfect Work-life balance

This one issue of the highly competitive 21st century and the digital age is comparatively less talked about than others – the work-life balance. It has gone upside down! People are working more than their designated 8-9 hours of office for that hike in position and income. As a result, their personal life is getting neglected more with each passing day.

What people tend to forget is that their family life is also equally important and in the quest to succeed in their career, they also neglect their health and end up getting lifestyle diseases and mental dissatisfaction with overall life, depression, tiredness, etc. Keeping a perfect balance between work and personal life has become the need of the hour. You can start with some of the following tips:

  • Analyze your dreams, life-goals, and aspirations clearly. By that, we mean your overall life and not just your career life. Set your short-term and long-term goals accordingly.

  • Be aware of everything that you do in a typical work week and jot it down in a book. Then plan to, and make efforts to remove out all that which will not take you to your dreams.

  • Make fixed working hours and abide by them. Try your level best to finish all your office work in your official work time, don’t extend it or don’t try to take work to home or in travel.

  • If you have a desk job, don’t stick yourself to the chair and the computer for too long. After every hour or two, you should get up, stretch and walk a little and also look far away as possible out of the window so that your eyes don’t get strained or damaged.

  • Also set aside some quality time to your family every day no matter what, it’s good if it is more than just dinner time.

  • Everyday life will become much better if you wake up early in the morning and do some exercises and meditation. One more tip is to listen to music in your spare time; it could be in lunchtime in the office or during your commute.

  • Know your limits, from the point of view of health and skills. While it’s good to challenge your limits, never push yourself more than your body can bear. Learn to say NO regarding any office or other professional work, anything which may invade your private and family time.

  • Regularly stay in contact with your friends, relatives, etc. Don’t live life only in your work, family, etc. sometimes it may get really boring. It feels good to just talk to someone after a long time and for a long time.

  • Weekends should be exclusively about enjoyment. Always plan in advance about what different you will do in the coming weekend than the weekdays. It could be some short picnic with or a day at the mall, movies, etc. with family or even friends group.

  • See to it that you are not taking any office work at the weekend unless important and unavoidable. More importantly, it will be good if you plan long breaks after every few months and jet off somewhere pleasing with your family or friends.

  • Occasionally, try to take out time only for yourself where you will do nothing but just wander off your mind; because at such times, people tend to get new ideas. It could be regarding anything like work, new business idea or personal life like some altogether different weekend plan, etc.

We all live a busy life. But that should not imbalance your overall life and development. If you are struggling to find that balance, have patience and keep trying, because it takes time.

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