These 14 Tips will help build some serious Endurance and Stamina in You

You need energy for every activity you do, whether it is climbing two floors or running a Marathon. It comes from a healthy & balanced diet and regular physical work. When people want to be more energetic, their primary focus is on building strength. But, there are other factors that are equally important if you want to physically be the best version a human being can be. Those are ‘Stamina’ and ‘Endurance’.

Stamina is nothing but our body’s ability to sustain not just physical but also mental efforts for a prolonged period of time. Whereas Endurance is our body’s mental aspect of facing exertion. The longer the duration of that, more is the endurance we have. People get confused between these two qualities, but usually, stamina is the overall health and energy levels that increase our endurance.

High stamina is not a requirement of only the Athletes, Fighters and Soldiers but we all require it daily to carry out our routine activities efficiently. Having Strength is nothing if you don’t have stamina. Building stamina is equally easy as building strength which we do via weight training in the gym. If you are able to do a certain activity with ease now which you found very difficult before, then it is deduced that your stamina has increased. Some of the ways to increase your stamina are:

  • Stretching

Warming up and stretching is a crucial part of your workouts which must not be missed at all. Do it at both times, before and after workouts. It helps with muscle growth and recovery; it avoids muscle injury.

  • Compound exercises

As compared to isolation and simple exercises, compound exercises burn more energy, involve more muscles in one and hence, increase our stamina. They can be simple combinations like pull-ups, push-ups, step ups etc. or complex ones like doing overhead press with squats.

  • Include cardio in strength training

This will truly take your stamina at a very high level. You can do any interval training of high intensity like CrossFit. There are so many combinations of such exercises that do good work out of your heart muscles as well.

  • Increase your work out duration

Challenge your limits and after each set of your workouts, try to outdo yourself by doing more the next time. A couple more reps, an extra set; but only increase when you think you are ready to endure. Don’t haphazardly do anything extra which you won’t be able to handle.

  • Change the routine regularly

Our body gets used to a routine after some time and thus stops responding. It needs a new way of working out and challenges regularly. Mix up all your workouts in different ways after every two weeks to two months. That way you also won’t get bored of the same routine.

  • Explosive training

Try to input some explosiveness in your training. It means, do quick high-intensity workouts in short reps regularly. Do sudden explosive movements of compound exercises. By taking a lot of energy, it challenges your stamina, strength, and endurance all at once. In the beginning, you may gasp for breath, but you will become flexible and start moving faster quickly. Try adding new things like box jumps, burpees, power pushups, jumping knee tucks etc. in between.

  • Minimizing the rest time between sets

Usually, the rest & recovery time could be 30 to 90 seconds between sets. Try to lessen it gradually as that helps increase the stamina. But remember, rest is also important. Don’t strain your body too much beyond limits. It’s equally important to take a good night’s sleep.

  • Consistency

Whatever the different type of workouts you do, be consistent in them. If you skip your training for 2 or more days, all your efforts will amount to nothing as stamina building takes time and patience. You may have to start from scratch again.

  • Power of mind

Because mental stamina is equally important. Always stay positive, have less or no stress as all this help you build amazing stamina and endurance. Regularly practicing meditation is recommended. Keep yourself motivated towards your goal until you achieve it.

  • Eat healthy

Eat a balanced and healthy diet that includes a good amount of Carbs and Proteins. Include foods that are raw. Fats, although should be less, but quality ones.

  • Eat multiple times

It is highly recommended to eat small portions for more times in a day than eating large portions for fewer times. That ensures more energy for you throughout the day and fires up the metabolism.

  • Walking after eating

It has many benefits. Food is digested properly, you avoid toxin formation in your body, and walking itself is a good activity to increase stamina. Walking is good for your heart health also.

  • Water

It is an important component of our body as it makes up more than half of our body. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. During your workouts, it relaxes the muscles and you don’t feel tired & dehydrated.

  • Avoiding carbonated drinks

They really don’t help you with your stamina and endurance training. The amount of oxygen you take in is reduced by them and your stomach gets bloated. It is best to stay away from them.

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