These 7 Halloween costumes will make you look Exotic

Those who love to wear freaky and weird attire; must be very busy now, as the Halloween draws near. Have you finalized your getup for the big spooky night party? Is it enough to scare others? The usual scary costumes of our devils have become so common, will anyone ever get scared?

If you feel like trying something different this time, something exotic and real scary, that hardly anyone here has seen this character, have a look at the following costume ideas which are inspired by mythologies and folklore of India.

The Asura: Indian or Hindu mythology is filled with a lot of demons that you will be spoilt for choice. You may try the Mahishasura or Bakasura look. If you can pull-off, put on the Ravana costume, a demon of 10 faces!

The Indian Witch: In India, she is known as the Chudail. Wear a plain black dress or saree. Do the Gothic makeup, wear rudraksha beads on hands, neck, etc. complete the look with a big red bindi and a stern look. You may also put on a white contact lens for some serious scare.

Shiva of Kalyug: The supreme Hindu god, Lord Shiva is the most terrifying and dangerous when he is angry. Paint your body blue, make a white horizontal tripund and draw a third eye on it. Cover your modesty with a tiger skinned cloth and hold a Trishul in hand, you are ready.

Yogini Avatar: Wear a black saree or dress having some scary designs, weave your hairs like deadlocks, cover your exposed skin with white ash. You may wear a smoky makeup and a necklace of black beads. Finally, apply some dark lipstick and you are ready.

Goddess Kali: Females wishing to get the most terrifying look, be Goddess Kali. Paint your body blue and thick black eyebrows. Wear a black dress or saree, around the neck, wear a garland of skulls. Hold a long shaft in your hand having skulls on it.

Aghori: This is a typical Indian saint or sadhu with some deadly looks. Easy to prepare yourself as there is minimal to zero clothing (depending on your comfort). Rub oil and then splash thick ash on all the exposed skin, apply big red bindi on your forehead; then wear a lot of garlands and beads of rudraksha or gothic design.

Lord Hanuman: Be Him if you wish to be the fearful looking good guy. Hindu mythology depicts Lord Hanuman as the one chasing away all the supernatural bad guys like demons, ghosts, etc. You also get to hold a Gadha, His weapon in hand, in case anyone misbehaves.

Of course, you can creatively bring your own customizations in the dressing. One important thing you should keep in mind is, besides the costume, you finalize for the spooky night, you also have to act accordingly. E.g. if you wear a witch dress and joke around, who will get scared? If you wear something which you can’t carry, you may slip and people may end up laughing on you!

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