Thieves stole a Duffel Bag, You won’t believe what was in it!

Stealing is not an easy job you know. It needs precise, foolproof planning and execution. It also needs a basic thing like knowing what you are stealing! Agreed, sometimes the situation demands the thief to just take the package and run away; but then, there comes the funny part of it. When the thief opens the item, that’s when the thief realizes what a waste of time it was.

One incident that happened in California emphasized this same point. Some thieves stole a duffel bag from a car in broad daylight in San Jose, California. Maybe everything was done in a hurry; the bag was visible to them and a last-minute plan was made. When they reached a safe location and opened a bag, they were in for a shock, because it contained not one but four pythons and a blue skink lizard!

All of those reptiles were the property of Mr. Brian Gundy, a reptile breeder, who breeds and sells reptiles through his business, For Goodness Snakes. That afternoon, he just finished giving a talk and animal presentation at the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. He then went out to fetch his car parked in the garage, but in the process, he left his duffel bag and some boxes in a no-parking zone in between.

That’s when the thieves struck, took the bag and ran away, thinking they just became rich. When he came back to collect his belongings, the bag was missing. Gundy had seen quite a few people walk past his equipment and ran after them but couldn’t reach them.

It was obvious that the thieves were surprised at what was there in the bag and Gundy assumed it will be abandoned or tossed in a dumpster. His fears came true when he found two of the three ball pythons he had, in a dumpster. But still, the third ball python, a baby albino caramel Burmese python, and the skink lizard were missing.

Poor Brian had to endure some monetary loss in this theft, the animals were worth about $5000 according to him! But more importantly, he was concerned about the safety of the animals. Surprisingly, another box that contained a 13-foot Burmese python, an ice chest, and a Tegu lizard wasn’t stolen. Maybe the thieves didn’t have that much time or didn’t find it lucrative.

For now, Brian Gundy has filed a police report and hopes that the surveillance video of the garage will help nab the thieves. He just wants his animals back and is not looking to press any charges! But in all this commotion, one thing is still not understood; the people that went past his belongings, how did anyone not saw the thieves, or if did, why no one informed him!

We also couldn’t stop imagining the reaction of the thieves when they opened the duffel bag! Poor thieves thought they must have hit the jackpot, rather, got a serpent surprise! And realized their snake mistake!

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