Top Tips for Mental Health Awareness

If you workout in the gym and stay fit then that’s a good thing. But if you still constantly keep worrying and are unable to sleep at night, then your gym activities will not be of any significance; because, in the end, happiness and peace of mind are all that matters.

Having strong mental health is increasingly becoming important in this modern life filled with cutthroat competition. It is much more than diagnosis, much more than being free of stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Just like you lift weights in the gym for physical health, you ought to care for your overall psychological and emotional well-being, so that you always stay happy, spread smiles, and determinedly achieve your goals. Ensure that you do at least some of the following activities:

Working on yourself, with yourself:

Spare some time for building a better mindset when you are alone. Don’t do or think anything unproductive as life is not meant to be wasted. You should…

  • Value and accept yourself:

    We all are different and unique people each having a few plus and minus points. Be kind and respectful to yourself, listen to the needs of your body, know your limits and operate within them. Don’t be hard on yourself or do self-criticism.

  • Get quality sleep:

    So many studies have proved that sleeping is directly related to our mental well-being. It helps regulate the chemicals in our brain that manage our emotions and mood. Lack of sleep will also disturb your physical health.

  • Work smarter rather than harder:

    It is important to be a hard worker, but if smart work can give equal or better results, just do it. There is no point in toiling for 12-14 hours a day and sacrificing the time of your other activities to achieve that extra in career.

  • Always think positively, constructively:

    No matter how much you try to avoid, difficulties and hurdles will always come in life; it is you who have to successfully come out of them, and only positive attitude and determination will do it. Winners and successful people are made in such moments.

  • Exercise and eat healthy:

    Exercising boosts our mood by releasing certain feel-good chemicals and eliminating all negative emotions like stress, anxiety, etc. Also check on what you eat, as certain mineral deficiencies and foodstuffs can give us low mood. Then there are some foods like dark chocolate that lift our mood.

  • Do Meditation:

    This is one single activity that can go a long way in ensuring great mental health for you. Just take at least 5 minutes every day to sit peacefully, quietly and focus on your breathing by taking long breaths. Think of nothing else but your breaths or your goal, or someone, something that brings you a lot of joy.

  • Listen to music:

    It is a great mood booster. It will be a refreshing change and ensure your mind doesn’t wander towards any negative thoughts. Hear your favorite songs; ones that bring you joy, latest chartbusters, etc. Just avoid any sad songs though.

Being involved with others:

How humans conduct themselves with and around each other is crucial for their mental health. There is no benefit in remaining aloof as Man is a social animal. Ensure you…

  • Have a support system:

    Stay in regular contact with your near and dear ones, not just virtually via social media, but also in person. It is not only good for our self-esteem but also good to have our family, relatives, friends, etc. in our low moments.

  • Avoid destructive habits:

    Don’t do smoking/vaping or excessive alcohol, leave the company of people who do it. Don’t always listen to others without thinking it yourself; some people harm us even without any reason.

  • Be helpful for others:

    It doesn’t matter whether it is someone you know or a total stranger, helping someone will give you a sense of fulfillment and confidence. It will build relationships and new connections. You never know when and how the good deed will come back.

  • Take some break from routine:

    Break the monotony by doing something else altogether. Plan and implement outings with family/friends. Go for a movie, play games, take a vacation, spend some time in nature. In short, regularly refresh your mind and explore this beautiful world.

  • Don’t keep things to yourself, talk:

    Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Do it on time before things get out of control. Open up to any of your trusted people or even a stranger, but suppressing your feelings will destroy you internally.

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