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Globe Trotters that we are! Sipping on our favorite kombucha on a sunny morning, we thought of putting together all our favorite travel hacks that is totally for keeps. We bet you want to revisit this article when you get your packing act together for your next travels.

Read on!

  1. Research and Plan Plan Plan!!

Research well about the destination next! Be very picky and choosy about your research and reading material. Choose to read the local reviews from apps, blogs of travelers from your country, local magazines and the basic 5 star resources like Travel & Living, CNN Travelers, Discovery World and many more. Asking for tips within your family/ friend circuit, who have already been there, isn’t a bad idea even! Excel sheets sound as boring as ever but when it comes to planning anything under the sun, they are bang on.  Don’t you want to list down all of the options w.r.t sightseeing, nature trails, food places et cetera? Then of course, you can sort and prioritize your list per budget and time! .xls is never a bad idea when it comes to get planning!


  1. Pack real light

Don’t want to waste all your energy in moving around herculean wardrobes in the name of travel bags right? Packing light can not only give you immense freedom and convenience but can also save bucks when it comes to taking internal national flights that have limited capacities and only free cabin luggage allowed. Plus every place under the sun has laundry facilities if you want to refresh your outfits.

Shopping can then be considered too! Google up to find some cool packing hacks that can make your travels light and fun.


  1. Have international and internal travel bookings made in advance

While making advance international travel bookings is a no brainer if you want to grab great deals, the internet is full of information, it can make you complacent enough and allow you to leave the bookings to the last minute. When you are in a foreign country, you never know what changes per several conditions. Internal transportation can get seasonal variations. So it’s always a good plan to ask your hotel/ Air BnB about how to get from A to B travelling within their country.


  1. Don’t forget to confirm your stay itinerary over phone as well

Internet booking done is not really done! It’s always a very good idea to make a call to your host/ hotel and get everything cleared out- check-in check-out times, meal plans, facilities or even toiletries provided! That’s how you know how to plan and pack well right!


  1. Always carry extra local currency and photocopies of your passport in every bag!

While we assume how the world is cashlessly happy, we don’t want shockers while out and about.  Several street food options and local flea markets don’t accept cards. It always nice to have a hidden pouch with loaded local currency to your rescue!


  1. Eat local, Shop local

Soak into the culture by choosing to eat at places that serve local fresh foods and shop at places which sell locally made stuff. This is the best way to get closer to the culture and tradition! Plus experimental people are learners for life. When on a break from home town and routine, might as well try and test new foods and things! In this way you won’t only eat fresh and look different, you will blend in and feel like at home away from home!


  1. Couponing and discount system

Don’t miss out on offers and discounts by not digging into websites or speaking on the lines with the locals or even cashiers on cash points!

Keeping an eye on coupons and discount can help you save major amounts while on a budget trip.


  1. Don’t forget the essentials

No matter what advanced country you are going to, carrying your first aid and little sachets of toiletries/ essentials that you swear by in your daily routine is a must. Here experiments can fair and make you miserable. Also, packing by the weather condition is a must. Sure you don’t want to get burnt without your SPF or get frozen without your gloves!

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips and tricks as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you! Happy travels!

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