Travel with a purpose. What’s your reason to Travel?

Every traveler has a story to narrate. Every travel tale has a strong purpose hidden behind. For a person to get out of his or her comfort zone, plan a trip and take all the efforts to get out of home sweet home needs a strong reason, a lot of motivation, inspiration or a burning desire to explore.

Recently, while on a crowded train, I could not help wonder how every fellow passenger around me had a purpose to move from one city to another. Some may travel for a trivial reason and some for something big and life changing but every reason is equally special. Maybe not all, but few fun reasons surely came to my mind.

Some desire to travel for exploring every nook and corner while some desire to travel only for leisure and relaxation. For many, good local food is the inspiration while for some shopping is the major attraction. Nature, culture, tradition, history, language, art, adventure or simply just wanting to spend quality time with someone very dear. Each traveler has a story to tell. A story of a strong purpose backed up with a valid explanation. To each one his own, how lovely is it to find your own reason and get packing to travel from one place to another!

I recently caught up with a friend from Switzerland who travelled and lived in India for months together, only and only with a sole purpose of learning traditional Indian Yoga and Ayurveda. Her narration about experiences in India gave me a brand new perspective about the country.  Sounds so interesting right? My team actually ended up inviting her for a special lunch session to hear more and make a note of the most exciting experiences coming from her- for our records. The kind of people she came across in her long stay, the food that she really appreciated, the local markets that she thought are unique, domestic travel experiences and such many more instances and episodes coming from a Swiss professor in India just intrigued us beyond words!

When instagrammable life is a trend that everyone wants to keep up to, travelling just to flaunt a certain social status has become a style. I am in Mauritius, I am in Disneyland, I am in Europe, in a luxury villa in Dubai- putting this up is more important than the whole purpose that travel and adventure for human life. A recent social survey concluded that a majority percentage of Asians travel only to keep up to the social status rather than to explore and invest in adventure. Yet another interesting funda to ponder upon huh?! 

Next reason is mine! Being a total foodie, my trip to Thailand only ignited the cook inside me. I was lucky enough to be able to take up two programs on Thai Food Cooking while in Thailand and that remains the best part of the trip. The Thai people surely know how to play with their ingredients and create mind blowing dishes out of simple cooking techniques and freshest of produce! The classes only got me walking around the local fruit and vegetable market appreciating God made marvels. Food and the local markets r a clear reflection of the general lifestyle and culture of the particular country I believe.  My bag was full of all the local sauces and spices – all of which I was allowed to carry as per the norms of the aviation industry.  Food has always been an inspiration behind my travel stories. Guess it will always be.

Have heard from umpteen number of couples wanting to revisit the places where they had traveled together as a young couple, while on their honeymoon or with a group of family and friends in the past. Travelling with nostalgia has been a major reason to get out and about. A majority of Argentinians are driven by nostalgia to rediscover the past good times.

The Chinese and Taiwanese are well known for travelling with a quest to understand the deeper meaning of life and find simplicity in different lifestyles. Serving in temples and shrines, meditative living, touching base with your spiritual self and rediscovering your holistic health is always an agenda to travel with huge masses across the globe.

Heard about the fashionistas heading to Dubai for the Dubai shopping festival every year? There are some who travel all the way to London for the beautiful Christmas season they have. While Florida is for the kiddies and beach lovers, Las Vegas is for the players! Paris for the fashion buffs and Australia for safaris and wine. Africa for the animal lovers and just like this, we have a huge list of places like Sweden for those who appreciate history of the mankind.

We are sure you have your reason to travel in mind already! It is never too late to start planning that one next trip which could be a ife changing one. Also if you plan to travel in the near future then we have a great suggestion for you to learn how to get planning most efficiently. Here you go! sharing a linked with you from one of the top 10 travel bloggers on a step-by-step guide with 15 tips on how to plan a trip that you will love!——

We wish you a Happy Safe Journey!

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