Try these 11 secrets for a successful Long Distance Relationship

Most couples will agree that going ‘Long Distance’ is one of the most terrifying and depressing aspects of a relationship. Whether it is for a few weeks or a few years, a long distance relationship is truly not easy to maintain, especially when the couple is still unmarried. But, there are instances when couples have come out stronger together and the relationship unscathed even after a few years of staying away.

A long distance relationship has the ability to conclude whether you two are truly made for each other, your true longingness for your partner, it can still wreak havoc on an otherwise perfect relationship, it can still drive away two soulmates if not properly worked upon. Hence, you both should set some clear rules with each other, and with some of the following creative tips, life will be easy as before.

  • You both will not be physically together, but thanks to technology, staying connected virtually greatly reduces the missing part. Regularly make video calls, keep each updated of your day via chat apps, etc. Keep track of each other via social media. Just don’t overdo anything. Be normal in conversation times. Some days you may end up talking more, while on some days fewer conversations as per your work schedules.

  • Set an End Date for the LDR (Long Distance Relationship). Because you both won’t be able to bear it forever, will you? And if it is going to be that long, then it will be better for you both to consider the relationship.

  • Since there is no physical bonding, focus more on the mental bonding at this time. Share all your hobbies, likes, dislikes together. You both will get more reasons to stay in contact and keep the conversations lively.

  • Sometimes you can set up virtual date nights on skype or via any other video calling. Sometimes you can send surprise gifts to your partner, like on the monthly anniversary of your relationship, sometimes instead of chats or calls, you both may write the good old letters to each other, etc. likewise bring more creativity in the relationship and keep the spark alive.

  • Have full trust, faith in each other and be honest with each other about all that you will converse and disclose. As compared to a normal relationship, suspicion can easily get aroused in an LDR.

  • There are also advantages of being in an LDR. For e.g. you get your own space, you get to have ‘me time’. You get to give more time to friends and family. You get to love and focus on yourself more. You can do tasks that your partner may have disliked had they been with you.

  • Whatever be the total duration of the ‘Long distance’ in the relationship, see to it that at regular intervals, you both are meeting each other physically. Studies have found the ideal maximum gaps between two physical meetings for couples to be about 3 to 4 months. But that may differ from couple to couple depending upon the actual distance, the strength of the relationship, etc. Either of you can go over to other’s place, or both can meet halfway at some romantic destination. You can also surprise your partner with such a visit. See to it that your physical visits are meaningful and full of quality rather than quantity.

  • Miscommunications and misunderstanding can easily occur in a long distance relationship. Work them out, speak directly and clearly; understand each other. Talk and remove insecurities if any of them creep up in your mind.

  • If there are any depressions, frustrations, sadness, stress about not meeting your loved one, channelize all that towards your work, towards positive tasks, work hard and make your partner proud from your career. Alternatively, you can always fall back upon your friends and family who will completely make you feel optimistic, happy and help you get out of this situation unscathed.

  • Lack of sexual satisfaction becomes one of the main reason for cheatings and breakups in LDRs. Have plans about managing your sex lives too. You both can regularly do sexting, video sex, sex talk, etc. Go all over each other whenever you will meet.

  • Alternatively, if there are a super-strong trust and bonding in both of you, consider letting each other flirt outside the relationship, or try an open relationship for the duration of long distance.

Regularly assure each other of the relationship, give strong emotional support and encourage each other in your careers, and in testing times. Make and update your life goals and future plans together and always be optimistic about being together forever. Once the Long Distance gets over, life will be the best ever and full of happiness for both of you.

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