What it takes to be a Sandals Travel Agent

The life of a travel agent is an interesting one. The job might be cumbersome, you may become broke; but you get to travel like a millionaire, you get to travel to many places. But if you are a travel agent of “Sandals Resorts,” life is a bit more amazing than usual.

Though it is not easy to be a Certified Sandals Specialist, you have to attend their workshops and get certifications. You can earn the following 3 certifications:

  • Certified Sandals Specialist

  • Wedding Moons Specialist

  • Chairman’s Royal Club

The first one is a basic level. The second one is currently a 2.0 program focusing on giving the best experience to those wanting to do a destination wedding. To get this, you have to be an active Sandals travel agent of the first certification, go to a WeddingMoons training FAM trip, and secure at least 3 traveled bookings of WeddingMoons and/or ReTie the Knot or minimum of $9000 revenue in the above two. The third one is an elite group of Sandals travel agents who have proved themselves as truly the best ones by their performance. You will have to sell at least 100 rooms in a calendar year or 700 room nights to be in this club.

How to be a CSS?

Quite a few things you will have to do for that. The first task is to fill the enrolment form and submit it. Then comes, attending of a CSS (Certified Sandals Specialist) workshop which is mostly fun and informative. They will teach new developments and give marketing strategies.

Usually, there is only one workshop per year in an area, which, most probably is in the spring time. They will provide breakfast as the workshop stretches for four hours. You have to carefully study each of their properties, as all of them are unique for every client.

Then you will have to register at least one booking on their travel agent portal. They will count only the booking made on the travel portal. You must know that Sandals gives one of the best commission rates in this industry. Generally, it is 15% and 2% more if you book via their travel portal. The levels of CSS you can attain are:

1-25 bookings = CSS.

26-75 bookings = CSS SILVER.

76-249 bookings = CSS GOLD.

250+ bookings = CSS PLATINUM.

At the end of the training, you walk away with an attractive looking paper certificate of achievement.

Familiarize with Sandals Resorts

Once you’ve become a Sandals travel agent, you will have to do this activity to make yourself better at the job. A FAM (Familiarization) Trip, as the name suggests, is to make yourself familiar with any of the Sandals destination/resort.

What if any client asks you any questions about the resort/destination? You should be able to answer them in detail, don’t you? With a FAM trip, you can say that you’ve been to a Sandals property. It is an amazing opportunity to experience a Sandals property from a consumer’s point of view.

Thus, with the best commission on offer, once you’ve become a Sandals travel agent, it is up to you to make the best of the opportunity, earn handsomely, and live a rich life that includes luxury travels.

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