When a Halloween costume seriously horrifies people!

So how was your Halloween 2019? Hope it went well and you managed to scare people, or at least avoided being a butt of jokes in a feeble attempt to scare others. People are excited to put up various costumes, makeups, and frighten those around them; some fail while some just about succeed.

But one girl, unknowingly, succeeded in making others believe that her avatar is for real and that she hasn’t put on any Halloween makeup. The girl named Sidney Wolfe was driving back home from a Halloween party at night; obviously, she was in her Halloween costume. Suddenly, she met with an accident, hitting a deer on the road.

The accident happened in Ohio and the first responders weren’t aware of what was about to happen. They approached her car for offering some help but were horrified when they saw her. Sidney came out of her car, all mangled, pale, blood dripping on her face and costume, etc.

Now it was obvious for anyone to believe what they saw as the situation was serious. But Sidney was just dressed as the title character in the iconic horror novel of Stephen King, “Carrie.” At the crash time, she was still dressed in her full makeup and costume including a tiara, prom dress, and a good amount of fake blood.

That blood all over her was enough to send shivers down the spine of the responders and panic the police present there. The 20-year-old wrote on her Twitter account, describing the incident, that the first responders thought she was dead! Even when she came out of her vehicle and started talking to the people around, they were suggesting each other to give her some medical assistance!

Sidney Wolfe wanted to promote her role in a 1976 film’s upcoming theatrical adaptation. The story of the scary movie was about a taunted high school laughing stock taking dreadful telekinetic revenge, but ending up drenched in pig blood. Hence, she decided to become Carrie White, the title character, in a haunted house event in Ohio.

But while returning, she hit a deer and totaled her car. The poor deer didn’t survive, and despite all the (fake) blood on her, Sidney escaped the crash with just a bruise on her leg. In a weird plot twist, Sidney said that she was supposed to play another character, Sue Snell, in “Carrie The Musical.” But the actor playing the title character fell ill and Sidney had to fill in her boots.

Sidney surely must have frightened the guests at the haunted house party with her looks and acting; and was happily going back home, but ended up frightening more people on the way. All thanks to the perfect combination of accident and her getup. In the end, Sidney wrote another tweet appealing to people “I risked my life to promote this musical. Y’all better buy tickets!!!!!” and so true it is really. Hopefully, all her efforts will pay off and her acting in the musical, scare many more people in the future!

Article Reference: https://nypost.com/2019/10/30/students-gory-carrie-costume-horrifies-emts-after-car-crash/.

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