With these 7 Tips, You will rock the party in style!

Ah, parties! They are the occasions which very few people will turn down out of boredom. They are a celebration of so many occasions and achievements; sometimes there shouldn’t be any reason for partying, you want to party? Just throw one! Invite your near and dear ones, turn the music up, eat, drink and let your hair down.

Parties are a great occasion to use your social skills, make new friendships, talk to new people, and make connections without any motive in mind. But, then there are people of the shy category. Firstly, they are apprehensive of going to parties; and if they do, they mostly stick to the fringes, probably alone or with a couple of friends, feeling dull, gloomy and all.

Such people wish they could be the opposite of who they are and also get chatty with their crush, if present at the party. The truth is, yes, anyone can be the life of the party and have a memorable time, have moments to remember. It just takes a few steps, pointers and confidence to do it.

  • Dress perfectly: Your preparations begin right from home. The dress you wear also make an impression, so choose it carefully. You can wear casuals or formals depending on the type of party, whether it’s of office, relatives, friends, etc. choose complimenting colors of the dress, throw in some stylish change. Finally, groom to your best looking version including spraying an attractive smelling cologne in adequate quantities, not too much though.

  • Always wear a smile: Because no one likes a frowned, sad or expressionless face. If you are unable to approach people, then make them approach you. Keeping a smiley and positive face is a good way to do that. You can also keep a closed-lip smirk. The moment you make eye contact with someone, make that smile bigger and a ‘hi’ will follow naturally, either from them or you.

  • Bond with the Host: When someone is the host and has invited you, it is obvious to meet n greet them. But go a step further and forge a strong friendship. Because it is easier to approach one person and let them do the rest for you! As the host knows everyone at the party, surely by being at their side, you will get to meet a lot of people automatically, with negligible efforts.

  • Tips of Conversations: It is imperative to consciously throw out shyness and be sociable if you want to be the shining star of the party. You can pre-plan a few common topics to talk on, like any trending news of the popular culture, entertainment, and sports. Start with any of those topics, or ask open-ended questions. Whichever topic you guys are on, talk more about it, or go on to a related topic gradually.

Body language, physical touch are also important factors of attraction in a conversation. Shake hands during the introduction, casually place hands on their arms or shoulders while chatting. Plus, maintain eye contact while talking, for deep bonding.

Whenever you hear any achievement of them, be the first one to compliment them! You can even complement their looks, dress, anything special or different they are wearing. All this will make them like you and talk to you more.

Following tips are basically, skills you can acquire. Being the best even in one of these will make your party time eventful and you – the center of attraction:

  • Being a Music Master: Seldom there is a party which is devoid of any music. Keep the groove of the party going by helping out the DJ. Take matters in your hand by introducing some new and cool songs to the crowd. It may backfire, but surely not with all songs.

Listen to new songs in your free time, of every genre like Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, RnB, Trance, techno, etc. and play the best ones at the parties according to the mood of the crowd. People will immediately appreciate that little DJ in you and make an approach.

  • King of the Drinks: The one who know how to make the best drinks, is a favorite person of most people at the party. So learn the art of bartending and just showcase your skills at the party. It’s a great way to talk to many people as they approach you to try some new drinks.

  • Dance is a magnet: At the parties, where there is music, there is obviously dance! Grooving together to popular music is a great way to become comfortable with strangers and the newly introduced. If you are not good at it, get some dancing lessons. Don’t worry about anyone not liking your dance moves at the party, just relax and gradually get in the mood.

Sometimes people also like a bad dancer who is not afraid to show their skills! And if you are good at it, the party is yours to conquer! Girls will go instantly weak in their knees when they spot a Channing Tatum of ‘Step up’ movie in you.

Parties are moments when people just be themselves and take a deserving break from the hectic routine life of work et al. So it is up to you to make them memorable for yourself and everyone else, in such a way that people will remember you long after the party is over; plus it is easy to overcome shyness and be sociable; after all, Man is a social animal!

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