You won’t believe the level of Craze: Eight phones and a Game!

People being mad about gaming is no big deal. It is so common around the world that everyone will be knowing a person who is a gaming addict. People do play games on their PCs or their smartphones on a regular basis, even the ones who are not gaming addicts, that’s not a big deal. But have you ever heard of any person playing games on 8 different mobile phones?!

This actually happened in Washington. An unidentified man was found playing the famous game “Pokémon Go” in his parked car near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Now Pokémon Go has become a global phenomenon in gaming with its revolutionary augmented reality tech. One may wonder what’s the big deal in that; Well, he was playing this game on multiple phones, and not two or three, but an astounding 8 of them at the same time!

Sergeant Kyle Smith, a Public Information Officer deployed in the Washington State Patrol, was on his usual round when he saw a vehicle parked on the shoulder side of the State Route 518 and thought it was disabled. He went near it to confirm that and was surprised by what he saw.

If you think how it is possible to play a game on 8 mobiles when hardly anyone manages to do it on 2, remember one thing – Where there is a will, there is a way. That man achieved his objective simply by using a blue foam holder! By keeping 8 smartphones in it, he was playing Pokémon Go like a boss.

Fortunately for the driver, he was not ticketed because Smith didn’t see spot him driving and using the phones. But since parking on the shoulder side of the road is not allowed, Smith just advised him to move the phones to the car back seat and told him to Go.

Such a piece of advice is necessary because people get totally engrossed in playing games on one mobile and forget the whole world around them; this man had eight of them with him! One good thing he did though was playing that game after parking his vehicle and not while driving. Still, that doesn’t eliminate the risk of accidents, because other vehicles can still ram into him, right?

Smith took a photo of the incident and another trooper named Rick Johnson decided to preach about it to the masses. He tweeted the photo through his handle @wspd2pio. Looks like the driver was a pro player, must have amassed almost all the Pokémons. Maybe he was at a “PokeStop” capturing some rare Pokémons, maybe he was at a “Pokemon Gym” engaging them in battles. Anyways, all’s well that ends well.

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